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Monday, June 30, 2014

Queen of Wands Bracelet

Continuing my “Inspired by the Tarot” series, today I am sharing a bracelet I made that was inspired by the Queen of Wands from The Gendron Tarot by Melanie Gendron (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) This deck is extra-special for me because it was gifted to me as a gently used and loved deck by my blog partner and long-time friend, Helen Howell. Helen and I recently met face to face when I visited Australia, and she gave me several decks that she is no longer using.

I remember the Gendron deck fondly from a forum I participated in years ago in which one of the members always used the Gendron for her readings. I liked what I saw of it, but just never acquired it for myself.

Anyway, here is the Queen of Wands card:

The Gendron Tarot (U.S. Games)
I wanted to capture the rich shades of copper, gold, orange, red, and cream in this card. I had a few beads on hand that seemed ideal: carnelian, dyed jade, bright gold tone heishi beads, copper bead caps, large vintage cream-colored silk-wrapped beads, and tiny vintage glass pearls.

For that perfect extra touch, I turned to a favorite supplier of mine, _Auntie’s Beads_.  I love the name of the shop but also the variety and quality of what they sell. This time I selected shiny copper curved tube beads with rope ends to add variety of texture and shape to the finished bracelet. These tube beads are curved, so they are an excellent choice for this coil bracelet made with memory wire. (Memory wire "remembers" its shape and retains its coil form, allowing the bracelet to fit most wrists.)

Below you see the finished piece, with a few of the copper tube beads alongside it. Auntie’s Beads comes through again!

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the deck and I love the bracelet and your choice of beads - fabulous!


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