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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reading for Manuela

The following reading was done as part of a special, limited free reading offer in 2009. If you would like a free reading, I suggest the American Tarot Association's Free Reading Network or Free Tarot Network web sites.

Manuela, your question concerns a huge disappointment that lead to the end of a relationship. You are wondering how you should proceed in this situation.

For your reading I am using a 7-card spread designed to help people cope with the breakup of a relationship. The layout for this spread is:


While shuffling the cards, I meditated on your question. Using the Sharman Caselli deck, I pulled the following cards for you (please note -- although some of the cards were drawn reversed, I am showing them upright here so that it will be easier for you to understand what is on the card):

1: The main issue that broke up this relationship.
SIX OF PENTACLES -- To me, this card suggests that the main reason for the break-up could have been an unwillingness or inability to give (and receive) in a manner that fosters a strong relationship. Perhaps one person gave much more than the other. The number Six can refer to an adjustment in thoughts, attitudes, or conditions. An unwillingness or inability to make such an adjustment could also have contributed to the break-up.

2: The part you may have played in bringing this about.
SIX OF WANDS -- This card indicates that you may have contributed to the break-up because you tried to forge ahead, to take the relationship "onward and upward." The timing wasn't right, and your efforts were not appreciated.

3: What you need to let go of right now.
TWO OF CUPS -- This card typically represents a cooperative, harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship. It seems that you are being advised to let go of idealized expectations concerning the relationship that ended. You imagined or hoped for a special bond with this person, and you experienced great disappointment. You need to stop dwelling on how things should have been or could have been with this person.

4: How you feel about this.
EIGHT OF WANDS -- The Eight of Wands suggests that you truly believed that you and this person were on a common path headed toward a common goal. It may be difficult to step back and take a more detached or objective view. Your emotions are still strong and focused on where you hoped the relationship would go.

5: How you can begin to move past this.
FIVE OF PENTACLES (reversed) -- You can begin to move past this by refusing to see yourself as abandoned or undervalued. What this other person thinks is not as important as your own self-image and level of self-confidence.

6: What you need to be aware of as you move on.
TEN OF WANDS (reversed) -- What you need to be aware of as you move on is that it's time for you to release the burden that has weighed heavily on you concerning this relationship. You have carried it long enough. The number Ten signifies coming to terms with the past and making a new beginning.
7: The way forward.
TEN OF CUPS (reversed) -- Again we have the number Ten, reinforcing the idea of a new beginning. The relationship did not live up to your hopes and expectations. It was a huge disappointment. But your chances of experiencing the kind of relationship you want, need, and deserve can only improve after you turn the corner and put the failed relationship behind you.

Manuela, I notice that nearly all of these cards are even-numbered cards (six, eight, two, ten). While even numbers do suggest stability, they can also indicate being stuck in one place. The only odd number is the Five of Pentacles in Position Five: "How you can begin to move past this." Odd numbers represent change. It seems that it is time for you to move beyond the pain of your disappointment and start a fresh chapter in your life.

My purpose in doing this reading to help you gain awareness and clarity about your situation by offering options, possibilities, and perspectives for you to consider. I hope I have succeeded in doing that. Always remember that you are in charge of your destiny and only you can decide the best way to act in your situation.

Thank you for letting me read for you. I wish you the very best. I am very interested in your thoughts about the reading, or how the situation progresses.

Best wishes,

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