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Friday, October 29, 2021

A Poetic Reading for All Hallows Eve 2021

 A few years ago, I shared “A Poetic Reading for All Hallows Eve” based on some rhyming lines that I wrote. I thought it would be fun to do this reading for 2021 using The Forgotten Tarot by Siri Soderblom.

Here are the rhyming lines (positional definitions):

Something that stands on the threshhold
Something that waits within
Something I need to banish
Something I need to let in
Something I need not fear
Something I need to begin

The layout looks like this:





(1) Something that stands on the threshhold: THREE OF CUPS

I love seeing this card here, as it typically signifies camaraderie, celebration, and joy shared. The photo reminds me of myself and my two closest friends from elementary school on through high school. We are still in touch, interacting on Facebook. I feel this card may also be alerting me to avoid a falling out or miscommunication between close friends and myself.

(2) Something that waits within: KNIGHT OF CUPS

With Cups being the suit of emotions and intuition, it makes sense that a Cups card would be “something that waits within.” This could refer to the most desirable qualities of this Knight, such as intuitiveness, imagination, charisma, and kindness, or it could be a caution that perhaps some of his less-appealing qualities “wait within,” such as immaturity, moodiness, jealousy, or a disconnection from reality.

(3) Something I need to banish: QUEEN OF SWORDS

I love that the suit of “Swords” (Air) in this deck is represented by a fountain pen (“the pen is mightier than the sword”). This Queen will not take kindly to the idea that she should be “banished” – but it is really her most unhelpful or negative qualities that need to be discarded, such as a tendency to be cutting or cruel, to suppress or bottle emotions, and being too wrapped up in other people’s emotions. There is a feeling of deep sorrow associated with this Queen, and I may need to explore how that applies to me. (I don’t know about you, but this image reminds me a bit of “Miss Gulch” in The Wizard of Oz…)

(4) Something I need to let in: PAGE OF SWORDS

In contrast with the Queen of Swords, the Page reaches for the sky, awash in new thoughts and ideas. He is optimistic and exhilerated, ready to expect the best of everyone and everything. This fresh, new way of looking at things or approaching things is something I need to “let in.”

(5) Something I need not fear: THE WORLD

“I need not fear The World.” That’s one heck of a sentence, with some pretty profound implications. In any case, The World represents a major turning point in life, the end of one phase or stage and the beginning of a new phase or stage. The World can also represent a sense that “all things are possible” or the end of a period of difficulty.

(6) Something I need to begin: THE MOON

As a Major Arcana card (like The World), The Moon indicates something significant or far-reaching in my life that I need to begin. To me, The Moon suggests that I need to begin to see things more clearly than I have before, to illuminate deep areas of myself so that I can perhaps see something in a new way. The Moon is always one of my favorite cards in any deck, so I tend to get a positive vibe from the card, even though it can represent illusions, ignorance, or fear of the unknown. 


  1. What a brilliant idea it is to write a poem that works as positional definitions in a tarot reading! You are very talented.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Same to you! And thank you for your kind comments.


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