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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Moonology Oracle Reading: Supermoon in Libra

I intend for this to be the start of a new series of posts here on Tarot Notes using Tarot with the Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland with artwork by Nyx Rowan (Hay House).

This wonderful deck spoke to me from the Hay House website during their big sale, and I knew right away I wanted to work with it.

Today we are seeing a “Super Pink Moon” – full moon in Libra. Although the moon won’t actually be pink (it gets its name from the pink flowers that bloom in April), it will be super-bright and super-shiny. A Supermoon takes place when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth during its monthly orbit.

Three cards from the Moonology deck can be used for this event:

Using each card to ask a separate question, I will pull three cards from Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

(1) In what area of life do I need to surrender to the Divine? (Full Moon)


The area of life represented by the suit of Pentacles is the physical, material realm as well as the realm of values and that which makes us feel secure. The number Three can represent the initial completion of something, along with an opportunity to expand, develop, or grow. I need to surrender to the Divine concerning an area of my physical, material world – as well as my sense of security and my values -- if I wish to expand, develop, or grow in that area.

(2) How can I best handle emotions that run high? (Supermoon)


I sort of expected to draw a card that advises control of emotions that run high. However, the Knight of Staffs is just the opposite of that. He is “a brash young man of fiery nature… idealistic and adventuresome” (Sweikhardt) I feel I am being encouraged here to let my emotions fuel a journey into the unknown or some other bold action. Not that I should “run amok” or be careless and impulsive, but this is not the time to hold back or be super-cautious, either. The challenge will be to direct those high-running emotions towards a goal.

(3) How can I improve the chances of a win-win outcome? (Full Moon in Libra)?


The energy of Libra involves balance and relationships. The Page of Staffs can represent an exuberant, loyal, young-at-heart nature – a willingness to let youthful optimism prevail, to learn new things, and to be open to invitations or proposals that may arise. Staffs represent the element Fire and the sign Libra is an Air sign. Fire and Air are mutually supportive and together can create great success.

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