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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tarot and Oracle Combination Reading

For this 3-card reading, I am placing a Tarot card in the center with one Oracle cards on either side. I forget where I read about this idea. Probably a lot of people have done it, but here we go.

I decided the “Tarot card in the center” will represent “An issue I need to address.” The two oracle cards will represent what might help me and what might hinder me.

Let’s do a “Totally Ciro Marchetti Reading.” The decks I am using  -- all with art by Ciro Marchetti -- are:

  • Issue: The Gilded Tarot (Llewellyn Publications)
  • What might help me: Fin de Siècle Kipper (U.S. Games Systems)
  • What might hinder me: Gilded Reverie Lenormand (U.S. Games Systems)

And here are the cards I pulled from each deck:

Issue I need to address: THE MAGICIAN
In general, The Magician typically refers to the male principal – the active, outgoing energy we channel into the outer world, the tools (skills, knowledge) we use and how we use those tools. The message I always see in this card is one of empowerment, an assurance that I already have the power to accomplish what I desire. I need to recognize and utilize those tools – whether they are Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, or a combination of all four!

What might help me: OCCUPATION (34)
Hmmm… fascinating, really. The booklet that comes with the Fin de Siècle Kipper tells us that this card typically represents self-employment, handcrafting, freelancing, doing work you enjoy … all of which have occupied most of my time for almost 20 years now. It is these pursuits, apparently, that might help me develop and expand the full use of all the tools at my disposal.

What might hinder me: MOON (32)
The booklet that comes with the Gilded Reverie Lenormand states that the Moon “does not quite live up to the brilliance of the Sun, she is more watery in nature and she really wants to be a ‘Star’ – to have recognition.” Is a desire for recognition or “fame” something that might hinder me or prevent me from making the best use of all of the tools available to me? Is this a case where my imagination is a liability – because I “imagine” receiving a level of recognition and acknowledgment that I simply am not going to receive? And then, when I notice this lack of recognition, I become discouraged, which can lead to being less creative and less energetic. The Moon is also about cycles. Perhaps my energy and confidence waxes and wanes like the Moon from month to month.

Very interesting! And lots to keep in mind.


  1. What a lovely get together of these three decks. I am not familiar with the Kipper Cards but as an oracle it works fine too. :)

    1. Great to *see* you, Ellen. Thank you for stopping by!


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