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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Reading: Part 2

The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Tarot Spread

Excerpted from
Tarot Awareness: Exploring the Spiritual Path
by Stephen Walter Sterling 

I recently came across the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Spread by Stephen Walter Sterling on line, and I loved the way each house/sign was described in the positional definitions. This spread forms a pattern resembling the astrological birth chart, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

For the purposes of this blog, I am going to do the spread in four “installments.” Part 1 included Houses 1-4. Click _HERE_ to read.

Part 2 includes Houses 5-8. I am using Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela and Joyce Eakins (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

(5) The House of Persona, Leo (Fire): What is your outer self like, the personality that you present to the world? How do you express yourself? Do you face life with courage, with flair?

SIX OF WIND: Clarity (Mercury in Aquarius) / Traditional Name: 6 of Swords
The qualities of Aquarius and Mercury (the mind) suggest that my outer self (the personality I present to the world) is, in many ways, that of an intelligent and free-spirited sort of person with the ability to detach that can cause me to come across as being “aloof” or “distant.” In my birth chart, I actually have Mars in Aquarius in the Fifth House (the house I am currently talking about in this reading). From an elemental perspective, this is a combination of Fire (Leo) and Air (Aquarius). Fire and Air are mutually supportive and both are “active” elements, representing forward motion and getting things done.

(6) The House of Detail, Virgo (Earth): Is your attention to priority reasonable and productive? Are you well organized? Are you being of service?

NINE OF WIND: The Screen (Mars in Gemini) / Traditional Name: 9 of Swords
This card typically refers to feelings of being threatened or in danger. Virgo (which happens to be my rising sign) is known for being worried or anxious about things, perhaps overly focused on details. Gemini is an Air sign ruled by Mercury (the mind, thoughts, perceptions), so these fears may or may not be based in reality. If we think about this type of energy in the Sixth House, we can see where it might be disruptive or interfere with my ability to pay attention to detail, to be organized and productive, and could even affect my willingness or ability to be “of service” to others. Mars/Gemini energy can really rock Virgo’s “down-to-earth” boat.

(7) The House of Balance, Libra (Air): Do the activities of your life add to your peace of mind? Is your distribution of energy well proportioned?

Linked with the Fire sign Aries, The Emperor is “swift, male, creative energy” with “clear sight and presence of mind” and “exceedingly well organized.” (from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D. / Weiser). This energy suggests that the activities of my life contribute to a sense of stability and security, a sense that things are more or less “under my control” as I “oversee my kingdom.”  One would expect The Emperor’s energy to be “well proportioned.” Again we have the combination of Fire and Air, indicating forward progress and achievement.

(8) The House of Intensity, Scorpio (Water): What is it that you feel strongly about? How do you regenerate your emotions, change how you view your inner atmosphere?

FOUR OF WIND: Mastery (Jupiter in Libra) / Traditional Name: 4 of Swords
Interesting to see this somewhat “stagnant” energy appear in “The House of Intensity.” Pamela Eakins describes the Four of Wind as “a holding pattern,” “resting on your laurels.” We are dealing with the Air sign Libra here, a sign known for being indecisive (mostly because Libra craves harmony and dreads conflict, so it can be difficult to make decisions). One way of interpreting the idea of “Mastery” in “The House of Intensity,” is to consider that perhaps I am at a place “between passions,” so to speak. I have indulged in various things that regenerate my emotions and in a sense, have reached a plateau in those areas. The intensity, therefore, is bound to have faded a bit, creating a bit of a lull.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Reading: Part 1

The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Tarot Spread

Excerpted from
Tarot Awareness: Exploring the Spiritual Path
by Stephen Walter Sterling
(Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.)

I recently came across the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac Spread by Stephen Walter Sterling on line, and I loved the way each house/sign was described in the positional definitions. This spread forms a pattern resembling the astrological birth chart, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

For the purposes of this blog, I am going to do the spread in four “installments.” Part 1 will include Houses 1-4. I am using Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela and Joyce Eakins (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

(1) The House of Aspirations, Aries (Fire): Attitude toward reaching a goal, what you intend to accomplish, and the level of your enthusiasm. 

FIRE BROTHER: Sun Warrior (Cancer-Leo) / Traditional Name: Knight of Wands
Certainly apropos for this First House (Aries) position, Fire Brother exhibits strength, swiftness, brilliance, and agility. Clever and spontaneous, he can also be irrational and impulsive. With my Sun in the Fire sign Sagittarius, I relate well to this energy as I enthusiastically pursue my goals. I need to guard against impulsive behavior based on sudden bursts of optimism and enthusiasm.

(2) The House of Security, Taurus (Earth): Attitude toward material gain. Are you at peace with your resources?

FIVE OF WATER: Spilling (Mars in Scorpio) / Traditional Name: 5 of Cups
Known as a card of disappointment, regret, and frustration, the Five of Water often admonishes us not to “cry over spilt milk.” If we focus on what we have lost or perhaps never had (three spilled, empty cups), we cannot see that there are still avenues and opportunities and resources available to us. A deeper level of understanding is needed so that we can see above and beyond our disappointments, perceived failures, and deficits.

It is interesting to note that the planet Mars is the traditional ruler of the sign Scorpio. Scorpio and its modern ruling planet, Pluto, both represent death and decay (8th house).This tells us that even when expectations are not met, there is still strength available and an opportunity to “power through” and rise above.

(3) The House of Thought, Gemini (Air): How well you communicate your ideas, your needs, and your creative self. Learning and speaking abilities.

TWO OF WIND: The Crossing (Moon in Libra) / Traditional Name: 2 of Swords
Here we have a second instance of “matching elemental attributions,” with the positional definition being Gemini (an Air sign) and the card representing Libra (another Air sign). Libra represents a desire for peace and harmony as well as indecision. The Moon represents emotions and the subconscious.

Although my Sun sign, Sagittarius, is known for being brutally frank, the appearance of this card in the house of communication suggests that deep down, I have a strong desire for my communication and expressions of creativity to be peaceful and harmonious – in other words, I really would rather not ruffle feathers, offend, or start arguments. At times, this can make it hard for me to make a choice or decision, since I want everything to remain harmonious.

(4) The House of Emotion, Cancer (Water): The nature of your home environment. What are the areas of your life that need nurturing? Do you have a reasonable understanding of your feelings? (Water)

THE UNIVERSE (Saturn) / Traditional Name: The World
As the final card of the Major Arcana, The Universe typically represents closing a circle, completing a lesson or a journey. With The Universe card, we have finished what we started; we have seen our purpose through to the end.

In my birth chart, the 4th House is where the Sun resides, an indication that my “home” plays a significant role in who and what I am as an individual. Another interesting connection with my birth chart is the fact that in that chart, Saturn is in my First House (House of Self).

The planet Saturn, sometimes called the planet of “lessons and limitations,” is known as a stern taskmaster who constantly turns our attention to reality, duties, and obligations. Position 4 in this spread mentions home environment, nurturing, and understanding one’s feelings. These are things I may not think I need to take responsibility for, but Saturn holds a different view.

In some ways, I have come full circle. As a child growing up, I was fortunate to have a stable home life. I wanted for nothing, and I had a lot of time to pursue creative activities such as writing and music. Then came marriage, motherhood, and a long period when I worked in an office setting 8 hours a day, doing work that was not very fulfilling. Now, I am again in a stable, pleasant home environment, free to express my creativity and imagination in satisfying “work.”

Thursday, May 9, 2019

What actions should I take?

A sample reading using 
The Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt
(Llewellyn Publications)

QUESTION: “What actions should I take 
to develop my relationship with a loved one?” 




Animals Divine Tarot
Position 1. This is what you need to know. 


On this card, Spider Woman weaves her web. As creator and goddess of many Native American traditions, she has the ability to expose truth despite our possible resistance to acknowledging it. The spider is viewed as a teacher, guide, and weaver of destiny. What you need to know is that life is continuous and ever-evolving. Changes are inevitable. Look at your current situation. Make sure you do not lose sight of your journey’s purpose or get caught in a web of illusion that will hinder progress.

Animals Divine Tarot
Position 2. This is what you need to do.


On this card, a Toad proudly displays three crystal-topped Wands, representing the components of creative energy. What you need to do is use your creative energy to integrate old and new ideas, past influences and fresh perspectives. The Toad is an adaptive creature, in harmony with its environment. Your ability or inability to adapt to the changes revealed in Position 1 may promote or hinder the development of a relationship.

Animals Divine Tarot
Position 3. This is what you need to avoid.

TEN CUPS (Water)

You need to avoid letting your imagination prematurely create a “happy ever after” scenario. Your feelings for this person seem to be very strong, but trying to leap too far too fast is likely to prove counterproductive. The Whales shown on this card are masters of the sea, which represents levels of consciousness as well as emotion, intuition, and spirituality. They are ancient creatures whose powerful, rhythmic movements remind us that the achievement of goals and dreams takes time and dedication.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

What should I look for in the near future?

A sample reading using Ancestral Path Tarot
by Julia Cuccia-Watts
(U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

What should I look for in the near future?




Ancestral Path Tarot
Position 1. Situation: EIGHT OF CUPS

On this card, King Arthur deliberately turns away from everything important to him up to this point. His successes in life seem hollow to him, and he feels drawn to a spiritual quest. This card implies that you are currently dissatisfied with something in your life and would like to make a change or head in a new direction. You have reached a plateau and are contemplating consciously giving something up in return for something else that you hope will be more fulfilling. The suit of Cups is associated with the element Water (emotion, relationships).

Ancestral Path Tarot

Position 2. Challenge: THREE OF SWORDS

On this card, a Samurai knight gallops off to war in full battle regalia. Family and friends witness his departure. The challenge implied by this card involves the sorrow of separation, especially from family and relatives. The suit of Swords is associated with the element Air (thoughts, communication, struggles). There is a sense that you will have to release certain expectations about other people as well as acknowledging your own less-than-successful experiences and laying them to rest. If this is too difficult for you or if you choose not to try, it will be much harder to take the new direction suggested by the Eight of Cups.

Ancestral Path Tarot

Position 3. Opportunity: THE EMPRESS

On this card, a woman sits on a throne, reclining against a crimson cushion. She is obviously pregnant. As Key 3 of the Major Arcana, The Empress has a commanding presence in this spread. Rather than indicating a literal, physical “pregnancy,” The Empress is usually about creativity and “fertility” from the standpoint of being productive in any endeavor. You have an opportunity to create an abundant life filled with new growth and a sense of well-being. Associated with the element Earth, The Empress represents the physical, material world and practicality -- the importance of grounding our dreams and schemes in reality in order to receive tangible results.

The essence of the number 3 is expansion, and therein lies both your challenge (3 of Swords) and opportunity (Key 3, The Empress). The number 8 (8 of Cups) represents both stability and stagnation. It can be very hard to exchange the known for the unknown, even when we are dissatisfied with the known. The cards in this reading indicate great potential for some positive changes in your life.