Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Reading with the KARD Spread

I was just playing around with ideas for spreads and came up with one that used the positions Keep, Reconsider, and Discard, each paired with “Because.”

When I wrote it out I realized if I just added something beginning with “A” I would be spelling “KARD” with the spread position titles. So I added “Analyze,” and a new spread was born with a quirky name: the KARD spread. (I figure KARD will be easy to remember because of Card, as in Tarot Card, yes?)

(I know it's not impossible that someone else has already thought of this. If you've copyrighted it or something, be sure to let me know!)

Let’s see what I can get out of this. I am using Corrine Kenner’s wonderful Wizard’s Tarot, illustrated by John J. Blumen (Llewellyn Worldwide).

The layout looks like this:

by Zanna Starr

………………………..1, 2…………………………


……………………..…7, 8………………………...

1) Keep or embrace this: TEN OF WANDS
I want to keep/embrace my ability to be efficient, organized, and committed to accomplishing what I set out to accomplish, even if things weigh me down near the end.
2) Because… ACE OF SWORDS
Because this trait helps me focus my mind, think clearly, and make decisions quickly and with confidence.

3) Analyze this: THREE OF PENTACLES
I want to analyze what it takes in terms of training or guidance for me to achieve mastery and craftsmanship in an area of study or skill.
4) Because… THREE OF CUPS
Because my analysis can show how interaction and celebration with close friends can play a large role in that process.

5) Reconsider this: SIX OF CUPS
I want to reconsider how I view past relationships and memories.
6) Because… THE SUN
Because these past relationships and memories have an impact on my current identity and personal strength, my self-awareness and ability to appreciate the brightest, most rewarding features of my life.

7) Discard or avoid this: FOUR OF CUPS
I want to discard/avoid any tendency to ignore or miss opportunities or gifts that are readily available to me.
8) Because… SIX OF SWORDS
Because ignoring or missing opportunities or gifts can make my journey turbulent, stressful, and even dangerous.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Everything is coming up ACES!

I am delighted to welcome Helen Howell back to Tarot Notes to give us some insights and impressions about the Tarot Aces!

Everything is coming up ACES!
by Helen Howell

Now we all know the term Ace as meaning that’s good, excellent etc. It’s a term we use when we want to express that something is going great. It demonstrates in one word the potential we are seeing. When an Ace in the tarot deck appears for us, we too get a glimpse of what the potential could be.

The Aces are that first step of their suit. They are the new energy not yet fully formed. What it shows us is the potential of what it could be. It’s just the beginning, but what a great beginning the Aces offer. Now like all cards in the tarot, it’s not enough just to get the card, it’s what you do with the information it gives you, that really determines whether everything is coming up Aces or not.

Bearing this in mind lets take a look at the potential of each of the four Aces in the deck:

Rider Tarot (US Games)
Ace of Swords, by its very nature refers to how we think and how we communicate those thoughts. It’s the suit that represents mental activity and clarity. Swords is also a masculine energy. When this Ace shows up it heralds the opportunity to put those thoughts into some sort of working order from which to proceed. What this card does is it urges you to find a positive solution to any situation you may be facing. It’s a strong card as indicated by its masculine energy, and suggests strength and courage to face those challenges that may have to be faced. 

Rider Tarot (US Games)
Ace of Wands represents energy and action. This Ace tells you that the time may just be right to apply those new and creative thoughts in a positive way which helps to make them a reality. Again a masculine energy, it’s strong and creative and encourages you set your ideas in motion. It shows the potential for will power to see something materialise and not back away from the challenge.

Rider Tarot (US Games)
Ace of Cups lets us tap into our feelings and emotions and imagination. It’s a feminine energy. The potential here is to get to understand yourself a little better, and a chance to allow those feelings to emerge and take form. It offers the opportunity to let your imagination fly free and the chance to follow your heart. When the Ace of Cups turns up in a reading it can indicate a swell of emotions/feelings, whether they be good or bad, but the potential here is to understand them and why we feel the way we do and what we should do about it.

Rider Tarot (US Games)
Ace of Pentacles is also a feminine energy and the suit represents for us the material world, those things which are tangible, including money, house, work etc. This is the Ace that shows us the potential to manifest those thoughts and ideas by the creative conception of an idea (Wands), the emotions that support it (Cups), the mental activity that forms it (Swords), and the manifestation of it into reality (Pentacles).

The Ace of Pentacles is the result of all those other Aces and their suits and what it shows us is how those emotions, thoughts and actions can be manifested into something tangible.

In the Rider-Waite deck we see all the Aces are presented by a hand from the heavens, this indicates a gift, but just accepting the gift is not enough. The real potential of the Aces still depends on the action you take. So when an Ace appears for you, remember the potential it holds and everything will be ACE!