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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Past Life Relationship Reading: Dreaming Way Tarot

Back in August I did a Past Life Relationship Reading for a friend (click HERE to see this reading).

Today I am doing the same reading for myself and my husband (in honor of our 16th anniversary). The layout is from Sasha Graham’s 365 Tarot Spreads (Llewellyn). I am using the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi, illustrated by Kwon Shina (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

One difference between this reading and tha last one I did: I am pulling a card from The Phoenix Cards by Susan Sheppard, illustrated by Toni Taylor (Destiny Books) to get some insight into the place and/or time where this past-life relationship might have existed.

From The Phoenix Cards

Place: Ancient Egypt
Time: This Buto design dates from around 1567-1085 B.C. 

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(1) Who was I in a past life?
(2) Who was he in a past life?
(3) What was our relationship?
(4) Was it a stable relationship?
(5) Did we have children?
(6) Were we together a long time?
(7) What lesson did we learn together in our past life?
(8) What lesson are we learning in this life?
(9) Are we evolving and moving forward?

The reading:

(1) Who was I in a past life?

STRENGTH (Trump 8)

I was a person with an inner core of strength and power, able to exercise that strength and power gently and compassionately, with restraint, rather than forcefully. I may have had a special rapport with animals, or may simply have had a mutually respectful, beneficial relationship with my own inner “beast.”

(2) Who was he in a past life?


He was someone who was perhaps so focused on his own emotional disappointments or misfortunes that he was unaware of other people or had trouble engaging with them. It was difficult for him to share with others, to listen to their advice, or to become involved with them. The number Four suggests stability and/or conservatism, possibly stagnation.

(3) What was our relationship?


The suit of Cups (emotions) suggests a close emotional connection, and the King typically represents authority, power, or control. I would describe the relationship as strong and loving.

(4) Was it a stable relationship?

THE WORLD (Trump 21)

Typically, I see a Major Arcana card as a “Yes” answer to a “yes-or-no” question like this. The World card also suggests accomplishment, completion, and fulfillment at a high level. I think stability would very likely be an aspect of that.

(5) Did we have children?


The suit of Wands is the suit of creativity and as a “masculine” or active suit, I see it as offering a “Yes” answer to a yes-or-no question like this. Both of those factors suggest that we did have children, perhaps three of them, or perhaps one, making us a family of three.

(6) Were we together a long time?


The passive/feminine suit of Pentacles (Earth) sometimes represents a “No” answer. This card can suggest insubstantial or temporary benefits. Perhaps we were together for three years?

(7) What lesson did we learn together in our past life?


We learned how to use all the tools at our disposal to achieve what we wanted to achieve, perhaps at a very high level. As partners we learned to be confident and efficient, to achieve our ambitions with skill and talent.

(8) What lesson are we learning in this life?

THE TOWER (Trump 16)

We are learning that abrupt change will not destroy us, even if we didn’t see it coming, because fundamentally we brought that change about through our own actions and decisions. What might appear to be disastrous to others can be handled and worst-case scenarios can be avoided.

(9) Are we evolving and moving forward?


The answer here seems to be “Yes,” not only because this is a Major Arcana card but because The Emperor is typically about being mature, responsible, and capable. He protects and values what he has, takes charge, and is confident of his own authority. Now, this could suggest a tendency to become “stuck” in one place (number 4), preferring the security of the status quo to changes that come with moving forward. However, I also think of the astrological association of The Emperor with the sign Aries, first sign of the zodiac, an active, motivated Fire sign.

The abundance of Major Arcana cards (5 out of 9) gives me a sense of a strong past-life and/or soulmate connection. The past life relationship seen in these cards may not have lasted a long time by some standards, but it does seem to have been productive.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Emotional Agility Reading: Oracle of Visions

I recently found out about a book titled Emotional Agility by Susan David (Avery / Penguin Group). The book describes an approach to working constructively with emotions and thoughts.

The ideas I read about intrigued me, so I took an online “test” to see how this approach might work for me. As part of the test, I was asked to choose my Top 3 from a long list of qualities or characteristics that I value most.

My choices were: Autonomy, Belonging, Sensitivity

My goal is to bring these values in a real way to my daily life. In the free report I requested about my test results, some initial suggestions were provided to help me meet that goal. Naturally, I saw a way to use an Oracle or Tarot deck with this approach!

First of all, the report stated that my answers to the questions indicate that:

  • I often get hooked or stuck in my emotions, thoughts, and experiences – both by bottling them and pushing them aside, brooding on them and over-analyzing them, or by holding on to self-stories in ways that might not serve me.
  • I have fairly low levels of self-compassion.

Guilty as charged.

The idea is that I can make changes to my habits and situation so that I see greater levels of growth and development in connection with those key values of Autonomy, Belonging, and Sensitivity. In turn, this leads to greater levels of thriving and overall life success.

The Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) seemed eager to assist me in this endeavor. To read my review of this amazing deck, click HERE.

So – let’s see what insight I can get into how I can do a better job of bringing those three key values in a real way to my daily life.

I do feel the need to provide my definition of the terms I am using:
Autonomy: independence from the will of others; independence in one's thoughts or actions
Belonging: acceptance as a natural member or part, as in “a sense of belonging”; feeling connected to others at a deep level
Sensitivity: an awareness and understanding of the feelings of other people

(In writing out these definitions, I had to laugh. The first one seems almost the antithesis of the other two, begging the question: Can you be autonomous while also belonging and feeling/expressing sensitivity toward others? Offhand, it sounds like it could be challenging…)

Here is the spread I designed:


(1) How can I do a better job of bringing Autonomy in a real way to my daily life?
(2) How can I do a better job of bringing Belonging in a real way to my daily life?
(3) How can I do a better job of bringing Sensitivity in a real way to my daily life?
(4) How can I raise my levels of self-compassion?
(5) How can I do a better job of dealing with my emotions, thoughts, and experiences?
(6) Overall message or advice – something I need to keep in mind.

And here is the reading:

(1) How can I do a better job of bringing Autonomy in a real way to my daily life?

CARD 11 / Harmony, Balance, Being in Tune with Others

“You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.” – Doug Floyd

This is a fascinating card here. The definition of autonomy I am using is “independence from the will of others” and the quote linked with Card 11 is about “being in tune with others” yet not being “the same as” or being “dependent on” others. This card suggests to me that being autonomous doesn’t necessarily mean going against or “fighting” others. I can refuse to bow to the influence of others while still harmonizing with them, achieving a balance. Harmonizing does not require me to be dependent.

(2) How can I do a better job of bringing Belonging in a real way to my daily life?

CARD 25 / Misleading Illusion, Confusion

“Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.” – Sai Baba

My reaction to this card is that it indicates my feelings of belonging or not belonging may be an illusion or that perhaps I need to be aware that perceptions can be false. It is easy to be misled. Perhaps I need to do a better job of evaluating how or where I do belong or do not belong. I know that I made mistakes in the past in this area, seeking to feel a sense of belonging in a setting that simply didn’t make sense based on who I really am. I wonder if this card is advising me to avoid doing that again, to question whether I really want to “belong” somewhere in the first place instead of fretting over feelings of not belonging.

(3) How can I do a better job of bringing Sensitivity in a real way to my daily life?

CARD 8 / Goals, Dedication, Process

“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” – Greg Anderson

The person on this card is an alchemist, striving to “achieve an end goal through study, experimentation, dedication and perseverance.” That is an interesting approach to the issue of bringing Sensitivity to my daily life. It suggests that doing so needs to be a conscious goal that I work toward and focus on. It is perhaps not something that “comes naturally” to me for whatever reason.

(4) How can I raise my levels of self-compassion?

CARD 46 / Connections, Putting the Pieces Together, Coming to Conclusions

“To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution.” – Joe Cordare

Raising my levels of self-compassion may be like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, finding connections and relationships as I discover more about myself. I confess that in my mind “self-compassion” sounds like feeling sorry for oneself, making excuses for oneself, or avoiding responsibility for less-than-desirable behavior and actions. In other words, I resist doing that, and as a result, have a really hard time being compassionate toward myself. Only I can solve this dilemma.

(5) How can I do a better job of dealing with my emotions, thoughts, and experiences?

CARD 30 / Danger, Fear

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” – Helen Keller

A very powerful message here. The questions to ask when dealing with my emotions, thoughts, and experiences are:

  • What do those emotions, thoughts, and experiences really mean? 
  • Are those emotions, thoughts, and experiences reliable or do I need to question them?
  • Do I need to revise my responses to those emotions, thoughts, and experiences?

(6) Overall message or advice – something I need to keep in mind.

CARD 36 / Entrapment, Limitations, Restrictions, Complications

“We have more ability than willpower, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible.” – Fran├žois de La Rochefoucauld

The angel shown on this card cannot fly. Her wings are entangled by “troubles, obstacles and fear.” She is blinded by anxiety and fails to see that she could cut her ties using the nearby sword and set herself free. In my birth chart, the planet Saturn (lessons, limitations) is in my First House (House of Self), which I think has something to do with my tendency to entangle myself in troubles, obstacles, and fear. I am not “blaming” my chart, simply observing that this placement of Saturn is in keeping with the general idea of placing restrictions or limits on oneself. At times the obstacles I perceive are real, but often they are imagined. Either way, it is possible to face and overcome those obstacles.

I am honestly seriously impressed with the cards that came forward in this reading and the performance of this deck in general. I will be consulting it again!

To learn more about the book Emotional Agility, click HERE. To take the test, click HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Listen to the Animals: Crow

For this Tarot Notes feature, I pull one card from an animal-themed deck to represent an important message from that animal.

If you are interested in finding out who your own Animal Guides are, you can get an Animal Guides Reading through my _Etsy shop_ or my _Web Site_.

Today I am consulting the Wolf Song Cards by Jeanette Spencer and Lew Hartman (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Our animal for today is the CROW.
Information, Communication

I like crows (maybe because I’m not a farmer with a corn field!) I love their personalities and vocalizations. I understand they are quite smart as well. You may be interested to know the differences between crows and ravens. These web sites offers a few insights, with photos:
How to Tell a Raven From a Crow
Ravens and Crows - Who Is Who
Similar Species: Crows and Ravens

In the Wolf Song Cards deck, the Crow represents a provider of information and communication. To summarize, the impressions we are likely to receive from the Crow include:
* the perfect blend of social grace and bravado
* the reputation of taking what belongs to others
* sometimes careless about others’ feelings

Advice from Crow might include:
* gather information to yourself
* communicate with others and draw on their information
* make no decision based on anything that is not fact
* guard your information; share it, but carefully
* listen without comment unless you have real information to contribute
* learn to hear what is being said beneath the words
* ask yourself, “Am I sharing knowledge or gossiping?”
* learn to communicate, not just talk

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fairy Tale Reading: Tarot and Lenormand

In my _review_ of the lovely and talented Fairy Tale Lenormand (artwork by Lisa Hunt, written by Arwen Lynch, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.), I mentioned the possibility of doing a reading that combines this Lenormand deck with one or more of my Fairy Tale tarot decks.

This 3-card reading has the positions:

(1) yesterday............(2) today.............(3) tomorrow 

My cards:

The decks I am using are:

(1) yesterday: The Fairytale Tarot designed by Karen Mahony, illustrated by Alex Ukolov, with artwork by Irena Triskova (Magic Realist Press)

THREE OF WANDS_The First Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman_

The card representing my “yesterday” is about making plans, exploring, dreaming of new horizons. As a young man, Sinbad is careless, squandering the wealth he inherited from his parents. I can see how, in some ways, I squandered the many gifts of many different kinds that I was given. The Three of Wands, however, does not represent regrets or unhappy outcomes. It represents a spirit of adventure, a desire and a willingness to search and explore and expand. This, too, applies to my “yesterday.”

(2) today: Fairy Tale Lenormand

SUN (Ace of Diamonds / 31) – _Little Daylight_

My “today” is represented by a very positive Lenormand card, the Sun, with the keywords “opportunities, success, vitality.” This deck associates the Sun card with the tale “Little Daylight,” one of those “female saved by the kiss of a male” stories that I lost my fondness for after reading The Cinderella Complex: Women's Hidden Fear of Independence Paperback by Colette Dowling in 1982. Nevertheless, my “today” is indeed based on a “rescue” of sorts that is not all that far removed from this type of story. Unlike the story, in my case, I did not lie sleeping, awaiting that magical kiss. My own decisions, choices, and actions contributed to the outcome and my present circumstances.

(3) tomorrow: The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt (Llewellyn Publications)

NINE OF CUPS_The Mermaid and the Boy_

The story of The Mermaid and the Boy comes from Lapland, and it comes complete with the promise of a first-born child in exchange for being saved from death, an attempt to hide the child to avoid making good on the promise, and the child growing up and going out into the world. Out in that world, the boy helps various beasts, gaining the ability to turn into those beasts as needed, and this allows him to escape the mermaid who snatches him from the shore in fulfillment of that long-ago promise. The boy marries a princess and all is well in the end.

So, in terms of my “tomorrow,” I can look at this story not only on the surface but a bit more deeply, with the help of Lisa Hunt’s commentary: “We have shed the last vestiges of emotional turmoil and are now on the path toward reaching our objectives. We enjoy the ride as we feel the exhilaration of our goals being fed into our emotional well-being. We feel a keen sense of personal accomplishment and bask in the multitudinous blessings that are finally making themselves visible.”

I can certainly live with that!