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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thoughts on Father's Day 2018

I was born on my father's birthday, so when I got into astrology, I was fascinated by the differences in our charts (given that we were both Sagittarius, born on the same date in different years). For starters, if you look at what I call the "Big Three" (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign):
  • Dad: Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer, Pisces Rising
  • Me: Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus, Virgo Rising
One similarity I see, of course, is that we both have the Sun in a Fire sign (Fire is active or "masculine") with the Moon and Ascendant in receptive or "feminine" signs (Water for him, Earth for me). We never talked to each other about astrology, although he did think it was "fun" that I was doing that. He said something like, "If Nancy Reagan can have an astrologer, so can I!"

It's also interesting to see that my Sun and his Moon were both in the 4th house, house of home, family, and the past. His Sun was in the 10th house, and he had a very successful, traditional career as an electrical engineer. My Moon was in the 8th house, giving me that occult-y, alternate spirituality thing. Our ascendants are in opposing signs (Pisces / Virgo), which presents some interesting possibilities.

As for Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), Dad's was in Aquarius in the 12th house. Mine was in Pisces in the 6th house. Aquarius makes a lot of sense when you think about his career as an electrical engineer (as I mentioned above). I consider my Jupiter in Pisces to be a very strong indicator of any divination abilities I might possess.

Both my father and I were much more the "philosophical thinker" type of Sagittarius rather than the sporty, outdoorsy type. However, he was an excellent bowler, whereas I could never get the hang of it at all. Not sure which planetary placement would represent that!

My father passed away in 1998 after a battle with lung cancer that spread everywhere, as it likes to do. I'm not into medical astrology much at all, but I did take a look through his chart when he was diagnosed, and saw that his natal Neptune (in Leo in the 6th house) was square his natal Saturn (in Sagittarius in the 9th house). One interpretation I read said that this could represent a difficult disease, possibly incurable, which his was.

Of course, there is a lot more one can do with a comparison of our two charts, but this is as much as I want to share today.

Monday, June 11, 2018


I would like to take this opportunity today on Tarot Notes to announce an exciting new project I am undertaking: I am writing monthly, weekly, and daily horoscopes for a site called TELL MY TAROT.  Click HERE to read the latest entries.

Charmaine Frapp has done a wonderful job with Tell My Tarot thusfar, and I am honored and excited to be involved with content going forward!

Tell My Tarot has a lot of great features, including automated Tarot card readings that are – in my opinion -- amazingly insightful and helpful. As a Tarot reader myself, I am pretty skeptical of automated readings, but these are written exceptionally well.

  • Click HERE for Tarot Readings.
  • Click HERE for Angel Readings. 

The section on Tarot Card Meanings is also very well done. I am hoping to contribute to this section in the future by writing about the cards from the Tarot de Marseille. I also hope to eventually offer a weekly Tarot email through Tell My Tarot.

If you have a web site or blog, we would love for you to link to Tell My Tarot and also TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this fun, educational, inspirational site. Charmaine and I look forward to your visit. Let me know what you think of TELL MY TAROT!

Zanna Starr

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sacred World Oracle Reading #3

Today I felt led to do a reading with the Sacred World Oracle by Kris Waldherr, and was reminded that I did a reading with this deck a year ago, on Kris Waldherr’s birthday (May 17). So I’m a bit late, but wishing Kris a happy belated birthday with another “Black Swan, White Swan” reading from the Sacred World Oracle guidebook.

Click here to see the reading I did in May 2017: Sacred World Oracle Reading #2.
I also did this reading in 2014, as shown at this link: A Reading with The Sacred World Oracle

Step One -- Lay out four cards to represent:
(1) The Black Swan (what you need to see that can get in your way)
(2) The Magic Feather (what to do about it)
(3) The White Swan (what you need to see that can help you)
(4) The Magic Feather (how to use the solution presented in the second card)

Step Two – Lay a fifth card across the top of the previous cards to symbolize the Swan in Flight. This offers an overview of the situation for additional perspective.

And now for my reading. (The keywords following the name of each card are provided by the author in the guidebook.)

(1) The Black Swan (what you need to see that can get in your way):
DOVE / XXVI – Peace and serenity. Higher wisdom. Love.

Something I am not seeing is the option I have to be peaceful and serene in this situation, to act with and from Love at all times. My knee-jerk reactions may be hard to fight, but fight I must. Perhaps I can come up with a mantra of sorts to cut my knee-jerk reactions off “at the knee” (hahaha, that’s pretty good).

(2) The Magic Feather (what to do about it)
FIREBIRD / XXXV – Hope and magic. Brilliance. Divine protection.

Waldherr describes this card as a promise of “unexpected help just when you need it most.” What I need to do about gaining peace and serenity is to open the channels for that unexpected help to come through from Spirit. I don’t have to try to “force myself” to be peaceful or serene. The potential is there if I invite and welcome it.

(3) The White Swan (what you need to see that can help you)
AIR / XXIII – Ideas. Communications. Making connections. Perspective.

There is no question that ideas and communication, making connections, and developing a healthy perspective will all help me in this situation. I need to see that, believe that, and open my mind to being successful in all of those things.

(4) The Magic Feather (how to use the solution presented in the second card)
EARTH / I – Feeling grounded. Appreciating the good things in life. Manifestation.

The perfect card to see here, as the solution (in the form of ideas) becomes concrete reality. Improved communication and connections can manifest in the physical world as well. When Air and Earth work together, many great things are possible.

(5) Swan in Flight (an overview for additional perspective)
CHIMERA / XXXVIII – Compromise between opposites. Balance. Finding a way to bring it all together. Creativity.

Again, there is no question that finding union between seemingly disharmonious elements in life can have a huge effect on a situation or problem. A creative solution is required and can be found using the fiery energy of this card. In mythology, the chimera was comprised of different animals, and allowing myself to see something from different perspectives will be very useful.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pyramid Reading with The Spirit Within Tarot

This spread comes from the Complete Book of Tarot Spreads by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fieborg (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.) I use this as the textbook for the Basic Tarot course I teach at _The Magickal Circle School_, and I highly recommend it as a resource.

The purpose of my reading today is to explore the potential and possibilities related to a business venture I am considering that uses my tarot and astrology knowledge and skills. Using the Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright (Schiffer Publishing), I pulled ten cards into the following layout:


* * * * * * * * *

1, 2, 3, 4 – Task


In order to perform this task well, I need to get plenty of rest and relaxation and avoid excessive worry. There will be times when I am dissatisfied or when I tend to see only the three “empty cups” rather than the fourth being offered to me. This task requires that I face my fears, acknowledge and accept all aspects of who I am in order to create a stronger, more successful “whole person.” My intuitive powers and inner guide can provide everything I need to perform this task successfully.

5, 6, 7 – Obstacles


There is an element of “the unknown” in this situation as I prepare to step into a new activity, and that can create anxiety, but this is the right time for what I am doing as long as I maintain a sense of balance and a practical approach, with both feet on the ground. I need to nurture relationships and partnerships involved in this situation in order to avoid any unpleasantness in that area.

8, 9 – Help/solution


It may be necessary for something to end in order for me to pursue this new path. I can determine what that is by using my mind to analyze and evaluate everything I am doing. I have the ability to make sound decisions about this. There may also be another person with the qualities of the Queen of Swords who is able and willing to help me.

10 – Outcome of efforts


If I follow the advice of the preceding cards, I will be able to offer levelheaded yet sensitive advice from a mature perspective, confident in my ability to counsel and share what I understand and know at a deep personal level. I will be “on top” and in control, taking charge of my own direction.