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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year Spread for 2020

It’s New Year’s Day here in North America, so I am going to celebrate with a spread for 2020. I used this same spread on New Year's Day in 2015 here at Tarot Notes.

I am using “Joanna’s New Year Spread” from Journey through the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (Llewellyn Worldwide). My deck is the Forest of Enchantment Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone with illustrations by Meraylah Allwood (Llewellyn).

The Spread

The Positions

1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year?
2. What do I open up to in the New Year?
3. Key Opportunity of the New Year
4. Key Challenge of the New Year
5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck)
6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck)
7. Key Theme of the New Year

My Reading

1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year? 

TWO OF VISIONS: I have to say that the appearance of this card gives me pause. If I interpret this card to represent a relationship with someone special, a soulmate, then leaving that behind in the Old Year seems sad to me. It sounds like there is a chance I will be separated from someone either by choice or circumstances.

2. What do I open up to in the New Year? 

ACE OF BOONS: Aces, of course, often signify new beginnings, certainly appropriate for something I “open up to” in the New Year. The Ace of Boons is a toad. Nice. But seriously, there are promises here related to the physical, material world – prosperity, healing – the element Earth. I will wear my gift of a toadstone ring with pleasure. (Since I make jewelry, perhaps I will try to find some actual “toadstone” to use…)

3. Key Opportunity of the New Year 

THE GREEN MOTHER (Key III): A powerful card (called “The Empress” in traditional decks), The Green Mother is all about fertility, creativity, and generosity. Her feminine power is unrivaled, and she connects us to the natural world, teaching us to love ourselves as well as everything around us. I may literally have an opportunity to act as a “mother” figure to someone, or perhaps even to my own “inner child.”

4. Key Challenge of the New Year

SEEKER OF BOONS: Seekers in this deck are similar to Knights in traditional Tarot decks. Each Seeker has a quest to fulfill and takes action to fulfill it. My challenge in 2020 is to be more like the Seeker of Boons – steady, dependable, practical, patient, good-humored. I need to move slowly and carefully, deliberately and methodically.

5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck)

KEEPER OF CHALLENGES: Keepers are akin to Kings in this deck, and the suit of Challenges is comparable to the suit of Swords. What is it about the Keeper of Challenges that makes him a “hidden concern” for me? One interesting comment I read in the guidebook for this deck is that “The Keeper of Challenges is not evil, but he’s not good either. This wizard is coolly neutral.” This cool, detached nature is perhaps something I am concerned that I cannot achieve. If I view this card as representing an actual person in my life, this is the card I associate with my husband. Like most of us approaching the age of 70, he has health issues, and it is possible that I have concerns about that, even if I try to keep them hidden.

6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck)

WEAVER OF CHALLENGES: Like the Queens in traditional Tarot decks, the Weavers in this deck represent feminine energy and power. The Weaver of Challenges can make my quest harder – whether for my own growth or to prove my worth. The wisdom/advice she offers is delivered with clarity, as she speaks her mind fearlessly. She teaches me to value intelligence and attention to detail, discipline and strong self-esteem. However, I also need to be careful that I do not adopt her less attractive traits, becoming emotionally withdrawn, overly critical, sarcastic, or touchy.

7. Key Theme of the New Year

THE FAERY WIND (Key VII): This card suggests that the key theme of 2020 involves things picking up speed and flowing swiftly towards a positive outcome. Change leads to success, and increased confidence is justified. Important news of my achievements is highly possible.

In summary, it appears that 2020 is likely to have some significant moments or situations for me, given that 4 of the 7 cards in the reading are Major Arcana cards. The element Earth has a strong presence (Ace of Boons, Seeker of Boons, The Oldest One).

An interesting mix of elemental energy in these cards, with Fire being noticeably absent. Challenges (Swords / Air) and Boons (Pentacles / Earth) are the most commonly represented. I am really curious about the relationship or close alliance I am leaving behind.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

"The White Hart": A 2-Card Reading

I love love love my latest, newest Tarot deck (a Christmas gift from my sister): Forest of Enchantment Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone, illustrated by Meraylah Allwood (Llewellyn Publications).

Feeling an immediate, deep connection to this deck, I decided to immediately do a small spread featured in the accompanying guidebook. This 2-card spread is a good one to use as a daily spread.

Step 1: Place the White Hart card and the Wide World card side by side.

Step 2: Ask the hart these questions:
(1) Who am I as I enter the forest today?
(2) Who will I be when I emerge?

Step 3: Draw one card to answer each question and place them facedown above the two hart cards. Look at Card 1 now and Card 2 at the end of the day OR look at both now. If you choose the second option, use Card 2 as advice for how you can shift the energy to a different place, if you desire.

I am going to read both cards now.

(1) Who am I as I enter the forest today? THE LOVERS

My “standard” interpretation for this card is usually that it relates to a loving relationship (internal or external) and/or the need to make a very important choice or decision. For this deck, Lunea Weatherstone states that The Lovers represents a “true partnership and the life choices and sacrifices that come with commitment.” As I enter the forest today, I am aware that I am one of two people in an important partnership.

(2) Who will I be when I emerge? SEEKER OF SPELLS

In this deck, Seekers are the equivalent of Knights. The suit of Spells is the suit of Wands (Fire). This Seeker is known for being bold, spirited, dramatic, impulsive, and willful. She is all about creative exploration, breaking through a routine, and spontaneous travel. When I emerge from the forest today, I may find myself feeling and expressing these qualities. If these are not traits I want to demonstrate today, I will need to use my awareness and understanding to modify or moderate them.

I certainly see a contrast here between being a member of a partnership (The Lovers) and being fiercely independent, eager to venture out on my own (Seeker of Spells). It will be interesting to see what sort of day I have…

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Give me a reflection of what is happening...

A sample reading using
The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot
by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov
(Magic Realist Press)

"Give me a reflection of what is happening 
with Scott's and my relationship."


Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot

Your card is the NINE OF CUPS. On this card we see a somewhat portly and obviously very satisfied cat sitting on a barrel in the public room of an inn, licking his lips. Behind him, carved in wood, we see a scene of general merrymaking. The Nine of Cups is sometimes known as the "wish card." It frequently indicates the fulfillment of very basic, down-to-earth wishes or a period of great pleasure, satisfaction, and well-being.

The suit of Cups is associated with the element Water, representing emotions, creativity, affection, love, sensitivity, intuition, and compassion. Water is also associated with relationships, which means that its appearance concerning a question about a relationship is a very encouraging sign. The number Nine often represents a basis for completion, preparation for new cycle, growth through experience, perfection, integration, and fruition. This suggests that your relationship with Scott is at a turning point -- the end of one stage or phase and the beginning of a new stage or phase.

I would say that the reflection this card is giving you is that your relationship with Scott has high potential to be everything you need it to be. It encourages you to focus on the simple contentment and happiness available through this relationship, and to value what you have together. Celebrate the little things and let your appreciation of each other carry you forward.

I hope this is helpful to you. It is my hope that the insight gained through this reading will help you make decisions and take action in line with your best interests. Always remember that your future lies in your hands. Thank you for letting me read for you.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Will I have new love in my life soon?"

A sample reading using
Tarot of the Gnomes
Art by Antonio Lupatelli
(Llewellyn/Lo Scarabeo)

Will I have new love in my life soon?


Before I continue with your reading,  I need to let you know that really few things are "written in the stars." Most results and consequences derive from our own patterns of behavior and activity or inactivity, awareness or non-awareness. Because our futures are not etched in stone, the Tarot helps us to see the *possibilities* in our lives. Let's look at the possibilities related to your question.

For your 3-card reading I am using Tarot of the Gnomes. This is a somewhat "quirky" deck, yet I have found that it can provide helpful insight into all kinds of issues. I drew three cards to represent: (1) energy currently surrounding this matter, (2) a potential obstacle, and (3) a potential opportunity.

(1) energy currently surrounding this matter

Although the gnome on this card may seem pitiful, notice that he is smiling as he holds out his hand as if to catch the huge coin hanging in the air above him. I think this does reflect your current feelings about your situation in terms of your love life. You mentioned that you have been alone almost a year now with your three kids. You may be feeling not only lonely but "impoverished" in various ways. What I like about the Eight of Pentacles here is that it suggests help is on the way. However, with Pentacles being the suit of Earth, things may develop more slowly than you would like.

(2) a potential obstacle

The woman on this card carries a heavy burden, and I think this could refer to the heavy responsibilities and duties you bear as a single parent. However, I do think that this card is saying that your worries about your situation may actually be an obstacle that interferes with your ability to seek and find a fulfilling love relationship. I am wondering if the "help" suggested by the Eight of Pentacles could refer to help with your children, which would relieve some of your burden and free you to be more receptive to relationships at all levels.

(3) a potential opportunity

Here we move back to the suit of Pentacles, and we see the Knave holding a large coin aloft. You can almost imagine him standing above the person on the Eight of Pentacles, dropping the coin into the beggar's hand. In this deck, the Knave of Pentacles is subtitled "Loan." The loan may not involve money, but is probably going to be available in some area of your everyday work and domestic life. There is perhaps a person or organization that might play a role in presenting you with opportunities for a fulfilling love relationship. Like the Eight of Pentacles, the Knave seems to be saying, "You don't have to go it alone."

Your original question is what we call a yes-or-no question. In other words, the answer can be "yes" or "no." In my experience, the Tarot isn't very reliable in answering yes-or-no questions. However, using a method that I am familiar with, these three cards seem to be saying that the potential isn't strong for you to have a new love in your life "soon" but that there is potential. As I mentioned above, this could develop more gradually or more slowly than you would like.

My purpose in doing this reading is to offer options, possibilities, and perspectives for you to consider. I hope I have succeeded in doing that. Always remember that you are in charge of your destiny and only you can decide the best way to act in your situation.