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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lenormand Horoscopes for June 2016

Approach, my pretties, and find out what may (or may not) come your way this month. Today I am consulting the Dreaming Way Lenormand, written by Lynn Araujo with artwork by Kwon Shina (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) To read my review of this beautiful deck, click HERE.

Aries: MICE (23)
Something is likely to “nibble away” at you this month, Aries, and you may not even be aware of it at first. This gradual loss could be in any area of life, but you need to be on the lookout for something eroding or deteriorating. Significant numbers: 23, 5

Taurus: MOUNTAIN (21)
The song from The Sound of Music says “Climb every mountain,” and that’s certainly one option for you, Taurus. But there are other ways to surmount the obstacle or challenge you face this month. Go around. Go through. Step back and start over. Or simply tolerate a delay. Significant numbers: 21, 3

Gemini: MOON (32)
It’s a magical month for you, Gemini, filled with dreams, reflections, and inspiration. You may notice how things tend to move in cycles, like the phases of the moon. Intuition, instinct, perception, and creativity are illuminated this month, and you have a chance to take full advantage of that. Significant numbers: 32, 5

Cancer: MAN (28)
It’s a “guy thing” this month for you Cancers – with the focus on a husband, lover, partner, soulmate, mentor, father, brother, or colleague. In this layout, he happens to be gazing towards the Stork (Leo’s card), so June could be calling your attention to an important new development. Significant numbers: 28, 10, 1

Leo: STORK (17)
Expect the “birth” of something or someone this month, Leo, whether it be an idea, a change, or a honest-to-goodness baby. Whatever it is, it’s likely to a positive experience for you as you receive something you desire and deserve. Significant numbers: 17, 8

Virgo: BOOK (26)
June looks to be a learning month for you, Virgo, as you increase your knowledge or wisdom in some area of life. This could be literal “book learning” in a class or workshop or it could be a self-education process of some sort. New worlds open up as you open your mind to experience inspiration. Significant numbers: 26, 8

Libra: TREE (5)
Your focus this month is likely to be on health and well-being, Libra, whether it is your own, someone else’s, or that of the planet. You have an opportunity to nurture or give a longer life to someone or something as you honor the vital connection between all living things. Significant number: 5

Scorpio: CROSS (6)
Yes, dear Scorpio, the Cross is usually about suffering, sacrifice, or burdens – but it also represents the gift of faith or devotion that allows us to rise above such experiences. Keep in mind that whatever it is you are being asked to bear,  you have resources within and surrounding yourself that can ease that burden. Significant number: 6

Sagittarius: CHILD (13)
Such a great card for Sagittarius, the “eternal child.” Interaction with a child or an experience with your own “inner child” is indicated for June, and this could give you a fresh perspective on something you thought you understood. Keep an open mind and don’t let inexperience prevent you from discovering something wonderful. Significant numbers: 13, 4

Capricorn: FOX (14)
Be on guard for trickery this month, Capricorn! Someone you think you know may be manipulating you or using you to further their own agenda. Do not allow yourself to be charmed into accepting things at face value. Remain vigilant and responsible (shouldn’t be difficult for a Capricorn). Significant numbers: 14, 5

Aquarius: KEY (33)
Aquarius, prepare to be empowered this month as you discover the answer to a mystery or problem that has perplexed you. There is a sense here that you are “destined” to solve a puzzle and open a door that was previously closed to you. Significant numbers: 33, 6

Pisces: CLOUDS (6)
Unfortunately, confusion and a tendency to daydream are both pretty common experiences for a Pisces, but this month those qualities could create more problems than usual. An issue or distraction comes at you suddenly, and you’ll need to sit up and take notice. Significant number: 6


  1. Can't say I like the forecast for me this month :(

    1. Well, I suppose it might keep things "interesting"... hopefully not TOO "interesting"!


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