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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kipper Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes are delivered by the Mystical Kipper fortune cards by Regula Elizabeth Feichter, illustrated by Urban Trösch (AGM Urania). The original Kipper cards made their appearance around 1900, but we really don’t know their precise origin. It is thought that the cards were used mainly by the “common people.”

Since there are 36 cards in this deck, I decided to pull three cards for each zodiac sign. I decided not to return the pulled cards to the stack. I derived the significant number by adding the number values of all three cards and reducing to a single digit.

Aries: Military Person / Grief and Adversity / Expectation

A person in a uniform or symbolic working clothes (example: a doctor’s white coat) suggests security, stability, and order in the presence of grief or adversity this month. Your expectation that everything will work out is likely to be met as long as you refrain from “jumping the gun.” Significant number: 2

Taurus: Short Illness / High Honors / A Change

Discomfort or an illness this month should not last too long, but be sure to take persistent symptoms seriously. Have them thorough checked out if they do not disappear within a short space of time. High honors – perhaps a promotion or new assignment – are likely to bring long-term success as well as change in that area of life, perhaps a change in location or a new beginning being set in motion. Significant number: 2

Gemini: Hope, Big Water / Theft / Living Room

A big improvement you are hoping for this month may be delayed or thwarted due to a loss of some sort, someone “robbing” you of energy, time, or something else. This very likely has to do with your home, your physical location or your “inner home,” your innermost Self. Significant number: 9

Cancer: Main Person / Good Gentleman / Main Person

Major interpersonal stuff going on this month for you, involving a female person, a male person, and a “good gentleman” with a pet lion. Well, maybe not that last bit. The man in the middle is likely to be an older man or very mature for his age (father, older brother, grandfather, uncle, acquaintance, colleague, boss). He may be in a position to broker an agreement between the female and male, or may be intervening to keep them away from each other. Significant number: 8

Leo: Gloomy Thoughts / Unexpected Money / Rich Good Gentleman

Well, well, well, Leo. It seems that even though you may be besieged by gloomy thoughts this month, there will be a silver lining in the form of unexpected money, perhaps from a rich good gentleman! So don’t give into the negative “suggestions” offered by those gloomy thoughts. Don’t take action when you’re feeling so discouraged. Unexpected money may come in the form of a pay raise or simply a contract or business deal that sets everything up. The rich good gentleman is likely to be younger than you, and thanks to him, a good solution is possible. Significant number: 1

Virgo: Bereavement / House / Work, Occupation

Something comes to an end this month, Virgo, perhaps something related to a house or apartment building. It is possible that a person might pass away at home, but that is not the only possible interpretation. You could be looking at the loss of a formerly secure relationship – but you also might see the sale of a house, signifying the end of ownership. Work or an occupation that involves physical activity plays role this month as well. Significant number: 1

Libra: Gaining a Lot of Money / Good Lady / Court

Have you played the lottery lately, Libra? This might be your lucky month. In any case, it seems likely that you will gain financially or materially, perhaps thanks to an older or mature woman. The appearance of “Court” in the mix could suggest a literal court settlement in your favor or may simply be an indication that balance needs to be created or will be created in your financial or material situation. Significant number: 4

Scorpio: False Person / A Journey / Success in Love

An interesting mix here, Scorpio, as you may encounter a false person, wrong cause, or wrong plan – or maybe just an inappropriate attitude or decision, especially in matters of love (as suggested by the appearance of “Success in Love” in this group of cards). Be careful when dealing with a potentially insincere or jealous person. Getting away from it all may be the best answer for the moment – either literally by bus, train, car, plane, etc. or a journey of the soul, new orientation, or aiming for a new goal. Significant number: 6

Sagittarius: A Long Way / A Little Child / Sad News

Well, this may not look like a very cheerful month, but it points, first of all, to a long path, great distance, or longer period of time – perhaps an uncomfortable situation that you simply have to “wait out.” This may relate to a literal “little child” or to something new coming into your life, a new way of looking at things, new hobby, new job, or new attitude to life. More importantly, it can suggest a fresh new start after a painful ending. Unfortunately, the “Sad News” card could indicate more unpleasantness, for example, a mild illness or confrontation with a neighbor. Significant number: 4

Capricorn: Meetings / Marriage Card / Rich Girl

The “meetings” referenced in the first card typically involve happiness and harmony, teamwork and projects, cooperation and negotiations. That leads rather naturally into the Marriage Card, which symbolizes not only marriage but all relationships with partner, friends, or family – even business connections. Very nice harmony here also. The Rich Girl is just the icing on this cake for you, Capricorn, as a symbol of success, joy, pleasure, and well-being. This could literally involve a young woman up to the age of 40. Significant number: 1

Aquarius: His Thoughts / Receiving a Gift / Court Person

Someone’s thoughts, ideas, and inspirations play an important role for you this month, Aquarius. This education, thoughtful person may be considering giving you a gift, as per the second card (or perhaps you are the thoughtful individual in this scenario). If not a physical “gift,” the Receiving a Gift card could refer to courtesies, praise, or recognition, joy, cheerfulness – perhaps even a pregnancy! Finally we have the involvement of someone who is associated in any way with legal matters, up to and including driver’s licenses, taxes, or insurance. You may be facing a dispute concerning one of these areas. Significant number: 9

Pisces: Great Happiness / Prison / Pleasant Letter

This is what’s left of the deck, Pisces. I suppose it could mean that you will experience great happiness in prison when you receive a pleasant letter. However, I am going to take that first card as an indication that a project will succeed or “take a happy turn” – wishes coming true, pure bliss, contentment, and all that. The “Prison” could well be simply a self-made trap that has you wondering how to extricate yourself. Your concerns in that area may be relieved by a communication – letter, postcard, email, text message, phone call – that gives you cause for optimism.


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