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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Reading with Tarot of the Hidden Realm

For today’s reading I am using my copy of Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey (Llewellyn). The spread is available from the book that accompanies this deck, Journey into the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore (Llewellyn).

The purpose of the spread is to discover hidden energies that are involved in or could help me handle a situation. Four cards are pulled into the following positions:

(1) What is hidden? This is the key to solving the problem or resolving the situation, something I need to acknowledge and perhaps have overlooked or discounted.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: The key to solving my problem or resolving my situation is to find a way to balance “the energy of intense inner drive with infinite patience” (Moore) Knights in general represent this drive and the suit of Pentacles, suit of Earth, represents patience. I have been working on acquiring experience and skill, but my problem lies in the fact that the moment for great success is not yet right. From an astrological standpoint, I can see this as the need to balance the energy of my Sagittarius sun (fiery, active, driven) with my Taurus moon and Virgo ascendant (earthy, steady, persistent).

(2) The gift: This is what I can use or do right away to improve the situation.

SHADOWDANCE (Trump 15): The Devil, you say? Well, yes, but in this deck he goes by the name “Shadowdance.” (I love that!) I can improve the situation by allowing myself to break free from any “chains” or limitations that restrict me without reason or benefit. If I am holding back or reining myself in, I need to ask why? What am I really bound by? What traps me? How am I sabotaging myself or convincing myself that I can’t move forward?

(3) The challenge: This is the sticking point in the situation, the hardest part of solving the problem.

PAGE OF SWORDS: My mind, which I consider to be my greatest asset, may be causing me to lose perspective or to perceive things incorrectly. My singular focus on a certain goal or goals may not be achieving what I hope to achieve. Also, in some sense, I am still a “student,” still learning and developing the skills and abilities that will allow me to solve the problem.

(4) The reward: This is the outcome if I am able to overcome the challenge successfully.

SEVEN OF SWORDS: Known as “the thieves card” in traditional Tarot decks, this version of the Seven of Swords is quite different. The figure on the card gazes upward as if searching the heavens, at the same time searching within himself for guidance. He does not focus on what others think or on what he thinks or fears might happen in the future. He seeks to be clear within himself about his own ideals, what he holds dear, and what the truth is as he understands it. This is how I can be if I am able to overcome the challenge.


  1. Coincidentally just yesterday I wrote a post about this Seven of Swords, which I prefer so much more than the RW version.
    Your reading also reminds me of something I read earlier to day: when we need to make decision, we often ask ourselves if it is beneficial for us or educational or spiritually responsible.... but maybe we should ask more often if it would make us happy, makes our heart jump and our soul sing....
    Embracing Shadowdance can be such a liberating experience. Enjoy!

    1. So true, Ellen! Thank you for your thoughts on this. I really appreciate it!

  2. Interesting card for the second position, what jumped to mind with me re the Devil is that he is very committed, once he sets his eye on a subject he goes for it. Perhaps commitment might also be something that could improve the situation - what do you think?

    1. That does make sense, Helen. Thank you for stopping by!


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