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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Emperor and The Empress - A Ramble by Helen

I am delighted, once again, to offer one of Helen's Rambles. This time, she is analyzing the relationship between The Emperor and The Empress.

The Emperor and The Empress - A Perfect Match?
~ a Ramble by Helen ~

The DruidCraft Tarot*

Today I wanted to take a look at both these cards and not just see them as individuals but how they actually complement each other and indeed work together. So what do you see when you look at the Empress? A mother, fertility, creativity, nurturing? Is she the symbol of pregnant with expectation? I think for me, she is the beginning of something new. She represents the birth of a new idea, relationship or even a new cycle in life. That is when she’s not being over protective of her new baby as it were. Now her opposite the Emperor often is seen as the ‘father figure,’ combining the energy of knowledge and support with being in charge, but he too can be overbearing, harsh and even a bit of a tyrant at times.

An unlikely pair they seem to make. Their personalities would appear to be the opposite of each other, but it seems to me, what he does with his authority and protection is provide a solid foundation from which her creativity can embark.

 While she is the mother of creation, whether that be a new project, giving birth to new beginning or literally a baby, her energy is focused on nurturing and seeing those creations grow. He is the father who provides the stability for those creations. It is his sense of order and his ability to acknowledge that there are rules and regulations, and that whether we like it or not, we need to work within those boundaries that life sets, that governs if the Empress’s creations actually bear fruit. At his best he can provide order to the problems that may exist, but beware he is strong, authoritarian, and ambitious and can be controlling. However, without his guiding hand, I think the Empress may exhibit a weakness, not in relationship to creating, but in allowing those creations to go out and into the world. The Emperor makes sure they become a material success. He is the part of this partnership that faces up to one’s responsibility in order to turn the Empress's creation into a reality. In short, she is the idea and he is the influence that brings it into existence.

Let's look at them numerically. The Empress is a number 3 card; this often represents in tarot, growth and expansion. It shows where the Ace and the 2 have come together to create a third. In relation to the Empress it’s an expression of the creative energy at work in combining different elements, a major step in turning something into a reality. This is where the Emperor steps in. He is a number 4 card and this can be thought to signify security, structure, stability and most importantly, material completion.

Is this a marriage made in heaven? Not sure about that, but it’s certainly a good match.

* The DruidCraft Tarot by Philip and Stehanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Will Worthington (St. Martin's Press)


  1. I recently did a 3 month lay out for myself and in the 3rd month the layout was: Page of Swords, 8 Wands, The Empress, and The Emperor. Since my parent and grandparent pairings are all missing one member, I am uncertain what this means....kinda confused lol. Any thoughts?

  2. It's a bit difficult for me to answer this without knowing what your spread definitions are and what relevance the parent and grandparent pairings play. If you were just looking at the cards for what they mean for that particular month, without considering the parent factor and without positional definitions, one possible interpretation could be : Page of Swords represent something that is in an idea form, a new beginning of some sort, the 8 wands could be telling you to set this idea in motion, the Empress says get your creative juices going and the Emperor says give it some form and stability. Remember that the 8 of wands is all about action, it shows a transitional period and new possibilities. Your Empress is the mother of creation, all sorts including new projects and the Emperor is the one that gives form to those creations and offers stability and the opportunity to move forward with that idea. Now this is just one possible interpretation - that could be completely different depending on positional definations etc. When stuck look at the core meanings for each card and that should guide you. Hope that helps.

  3. yes it does - thank you! I was stuck on trying to figure out how parents and/or grandparents (Empress and Emperor showing up side by side) would fit into this reading. I am very new at this so only practice on myself right now. Your thoughts actually fit in MUCH better.

  4. I asked if I should try a new specific career to make some big money and the cards that showed up were six of wands (I am kinda iffy on that because the next two cards distracted me) then the emperor showed up and the emperess showed up in the last position. I think that means I should go for it? What do you think?

  5. It's a bit difficult for me to answer too. You say the first two cards are 6 Wands and Emperor and you say the last is card was Empress, but you don't say how many cards were actually involved, just the three? I think I mentioned to you before, that is ,if you are the same anonymous who asked a question originally, that "When stuck look at the core meanings for each card and that should guide you."

    The 6's in tarot tend to suggest positive change - the 6 Wands tells you to appreciate where you are but also cautions you not to stand still too long - so what would you think that is suggesting to you? Keep moving yes.... Emperor is all about discipline, order and structure and Empress is about creating something new. I'm sure you can work out the answer for yourself if you follow the core meanings. Good luck!

  6. I can't believe I came upon thIs article! I just did a reading for myself last night. I did a 4 card spread which is..The situation, the challenge, advise and the outcome. I asked about going to Florida to see my daughter, grandson amd the new baby girl she is having. I really want to go and visit for 8 days after she has her baby So, I can take care of her after she gives birth. Of course, this will take some serious $$. I got the Empress, the Emporer side by side, 6 of pentacles engaged and King of Swords. I have been reading for a while but of course, I love having my cards read by someone else. What do you think the meaning is?

  7. Hi Angel, I hope you manage to get to Florida and see your daughter.
    I have no idea what you mean by "6 of pentacles engaged." We all love having our cards read by someone else, unfortunately I'm not in the business of "free" readings. If you would like a reading I suggest you purchase one of Zanna's readings, the choice and price is at the top of the page. Good luck with your endeavor to travel abroad. Remember that the Empress is all about creating, and the Emperor about giving some structure to those creations, I'd start saving now!

  8. I just came across this site...needed to understand 3 card spread..i just had a emperor, the lovers and empress ?

  9. It's a bit difficult to answer this without knowing what your spread was and what the card positions were and your question.


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