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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Special Offer: Five-Card Reading


I am offering FREE “Star” readings with the Otherworld Tarot 
(like the reading below)
to two people who comment on this blog post between now and April  21. 

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For the Basic Tarot class I teach over at the Magical Circle School, the textbook is the Complete Book of Tarot Spreads by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig (Sterling). While grading a student’s work, I was reminded of how much I like many of the spreads featured in this book.

So guess what? I’m going to do one of them for the blog today. This spread is in the section of the book titled “Searching & Finding” and it’s called “The Star.” The layout looks like this:

……. 1 …….
……. 3 …….

I am reading for an imaginary client using the Otherworld Tarot by Alison Williams, with artwork by Sarah Nowell (Schiffer). I have chosen not to use reversals for this reading.

(1) Where you are: FIVE OF PENTACLES (Poverty)

Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer)
This may not feel like a good place to be, and it isn’t. Something has been lost, most likely related to the physical, material realm. This could refer to finances, possessions, or even health. You may be so focused on this hardship that you don’t realize that help and support are available – perhaps from an unlikely source. While you are in this difficult place, focus on what is truly important in your life and what is not. You can free yourself and move on to a happier place.

(2) Your task: TWO OF WANDS (Opportunity)

Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer)
Your task is to find the opportunity (or opportunities) that might be available. The most likely place to find opportunity is currently in the area of business and work/career. The number Two  tells us that you do not have to perform this task alone. In fact, it may be necessary for you to join forces with someone else to do it. Will power, action, and optimism will take you a long way.

(3) Your difficulties: FOUR OF SWORDS (Recovery)

Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer)
As you pursue your task, you also need to resolve inner conflicts and restore balance. Recovery is best achieve through rest and relaxation, peace and quiet. It may seem difficult to you to make time for this rest and relaxation, so that is a challenge you need to address. Re-examine your priorities and give yourself the gift of regular “downtime.”

(4) Your strengths: THREE OF CUPS (Celebration)

Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer)
It appears that you are one of those people who can and do see the Cup as half full instead of half empty. You have the ability to celebrate the little things, the day-to-day delights and pleasures that are yours, free for the taking. If you can find something to celebrate every day, even during difficult times, you are much more likely to meet and overcome challenges that arise.

(5) Your goal: STRENGTH (Courage)

Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer)
This Major Arcana card is your ultimate – and very fitting – goal. Strength is about taming your inner “beast,” which can refer to bad habits, lack of self-control, impulses, negative attitudes, and any tendency to allow your baser nature to take charge of what you do and the choices you make. The key with Strength is not to do this in a forceful, aggressive way. Instead, acknowledge and accept your baser nature or inner “beast” – and enlist its help. This does require courage and determination, and a willingness to listen to your innermost needs and wants. Repressing or denying that these exist will not work. It done gently yet firmly, you can transform negatives into positives, leading you towards a happier, more successful life.

It is interesting to see that all four elements are represented in this set of cards: Earth (Pentacles / Physical and Material), Fire (Wands / Will), Air (Swords / Mind), and Water (Cups / Emotions). Strength, as a Major Arcana card, suggests powerful spiritual energy. You clearly have many tools available to use in your efforts to improve your situation.


  1. Well, good thing I AM a night owl!

    I would be honored to have a Reading with you, and I think the "Otherworld Tarot," shall--very soon--be added to my "to buy" list of Tarot and Divination Decks.

    Thank you for your Goddess-Graced Generosity in doing this. My Email address is thetarotman@excite.com.

    1. I will send your reading to you in the next few days!


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