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Friday, April 17, 2015

“The Door” Spread

Today, Helen takes us through the "Door" spread using the Lo Scarabeo Tarot. Come along and see what she discovers!

“The Door” Spread
performed by Helen

Now this is a very interesting spread to do. It consists of eleven cards and it offers you a door to either walk through or not. Card No.1 - The name of the door -- shows you the opportunity that awaits. If you have asked a question, then this door shows you what might be gained. If like me you ask no question, then the door seems to me to present you with an opportunity of some sort.  As we look at this spread, it appears to me that one does not read it in order. You will see from the demo reading I have done how I think this spread works.

The Layout

The Card DMs are as follows:

1: The name of the door -- What door is this?
2: The keyhole -- First idea of what’s behind it.
3: The lock
4: The knob -- needed to open the door.
5: The path to the door.
6: The expectation of what’s behind the door.
7: Attitude towards the door.
8: What is actually behind the door.
9: Where the door can be found.
10: What will happen immediately after the door is opened.
11: The key that fits the lock.

I’m using the Lo Scarabeo Tarot by Mark McElroy and Anna Lazzarini (Lo Scarabeo).

Card 1: The name of the door -- What door is this?

Ace of Wands

The name of the door is Opportunity and it is a door that will enable me to move forward with my ideas. This card is telling me that the time is now right to take those ideas or projects I’ve put on hold and set them in motion. It suggests that this door holds the chance of a new beginning for me, but I’m the one who has to grab those ideas and now get the wheels turning to manifest them into something more.

Card 5: The path to the door

7 of Swords

A change in strategies. Look at the way I’ve approached what I’ve wanted to achieve before and see if there is a better way to achieve it. Now this is a Swords card and therefore relates to my thinking pattern. Maybe it’s telling me a change in attitude and perspective is what is needed to find this door. It also tells me that sometimes it’s better to keep things to myself and not share them until the time is right.

Interesting that the first card which shows the opportunity that exists is an action card and the path towards that action is a mental clarity card. Together they suggest that the right action coupled with the right thoughts is the way to go.

Card 9: Where the door can be found

Queen of Wands

The door can be found by me believing in myself and my abilities. Not being afraid to step out and try something new. It suggests to me that I should use innovative ways to meet the challenge and maintain a confidence in the way I approach my goals.

Again this card is reinforcing the first card by suggesting that one just has to have confidence in the action they take.

Card 6: The expectation of what’s behind the door

4 of Wands

This card shows us a celebration, a time of happiness, having achieved a goal. The card shows two figures holding up flowers and behind them is an abundance of produce. Perhaps this card tells me that my expectation is for success and a chance to reap the benefits of my efforts.

Card 7: Attitude towards the door

The World

It stands to reason that if my expectation is one of success then The World fits my attitude very well, as closing one cycle and beginning another. Hoping that the past is now left behind me and put to rest successfully and that all the disappointments I felt have now been laid to rest. This door then represents a completely new beginning and a chance to achieve what I desire.

Now if we look at the spread, the cards on my right as you look at the layout and photograph have all been read, and if we look down that line we have 4 Wands - The World - The Queen of Wands. This whole line seems to express the hope of something better and the reminder that it all lies in me believing in myself.

Card 2: The Keyhole - the first idea of what’s behind the door

10 of Swords

Now the image in the Lo Scarabeo deck is somewhat different to other decks, in that it doesn’t show a man maimed by the swords. No back stabbing going on here. But what I see through this keyhole as I take a peek is the promise of leaving behind me the disappointments and the mental attitude that have held me back. It’s a number 10 card and so it gives us endings and beginnings all in one card 1+0=1. Look how the figure walks away from those swords and towards those green hills. Green represents balance, growth, and expansion, and hills can represent the goal, so this image gives me a sense of reaching that goal. In case you’re wondering, I’m considering publishing another book and although I didn’t frame a question, the cards seem to have picked up on that goal.

Card 3: The lock

2 of Pentacles

The lock on this door is perhaps the inability to maintain a balance so that things can keep flowing without interruption. What keeps the door locked is not recognising that one doesn’t need to compare themselves with anyone else, as this only serves to stop the flow of ideas that can be manifested into something more tangible. The card offers the advice that in order to free this lock one needs to keep balance in their life and go more with the flow.

Card 11: The key that fits the lock

4 of Coins

You know, when I look at this figure I’m reminded that money is worth nothing if you don’t spend it. The key that fits the lock is not to be afraid to take the risk and go ahead with my ideas, nothing ventured nothing gained. It’s no good having these ideas if you don’t do anything with them. In order to make this key work, one has to stop being afraid in taking those first steps once more. This is a number 4 card and can symbolise stability and foundation, but it can also symbolise being trapped (four walls enclose) and stagnating.

Card 4: The knob - needed to open the door

The Moon

Okay, the message I get here is to confront my fears and face up to them. If we do this we can see that sometimes they have no real substance to them at all. So this card suggests that I put my imagination to a more creative outcome in order to open that door. By confronting my anxieties in turn I will illuminate them and see them for what they really are and allow the positive possibilities to emerge.

Card 10: What will happen immediately after the door is opened

6 Swords

I like that this image shows the swords in the sky like a big star, indicating at least to me, that one has understood how those thoughts can hold them back and finally can move forward. A change in attitude can now be seen and the ability to move out of a less comfortable space into a more positive one is now possible. So this promises that providing I understand how my thoughts can work against me, I can move away from any anxieties I have had about going ahead with my project and towards something that will bring me more joy and contentment.

Again all the cards on the left side of the spread as we look at it have been read. These seem to point very much towards a change of thoughts and a realisation that those things that one fears are not to be afraid of. All that is needed is a change of strategy and the ability to maintain a balance so that things can keep moving forwards.

Card 8: What is actually behind the door

10 of Wands

Here again we have a card that numerically represents endings and beginnings, but it also tells me that it will involve some labour and not to overcommit myself but rather to work within my limits. The image shows me that the goal is in sight and that one just has to keep working towards it. So the card suggests that it can be achieved but not without some hard work ahead.

Now the middle set of cards have all been read. As I look at them, I see that the opportunity to manifest my goal is there as long as I work within my limits and do not overburden myself. I need to move myself away from any negative thinking patterns and be prepared to do something with my ideas, or I devalue their worth.

This whole reading speaks of what I hope for in the cards to the right, as we look at the spread, and what needs to be changed as we look to the left and what can be achieved as we look to the middle set.

I hope you enjoyed this reading using The Door Spread and I would be interested to hear how any of you got on if you decide to try it for yourselves.


  1. I've never heard of this spread before! I was taught the Celtic Cross and three-card readings. Shall have to try this out.

  2. What a wonderful self-discovery spread. I've never seen it before...thanks for sharing it. I'll be trying it out and hopefully posting a reading with it on my blog next month.

  3. Hi Katherine, glad you liked this spread by Crowley and I'll be interested to read how you got on with it. Do come back and let us know here at Tarot Notes. ^_^

  4. Hi Kristen I'm you too liked the spread. Please do tell us how you got on with it. ^_^

  5. Hi Zanna, I'll be interested to hear and or read how you got on with this spread ^_^

  6. Hello,
    What would it mean if the five of cups is in the 10th position of what is immediately found behind the door. Does that mean a loss? Thank you

  7. If we look at the general meaning of the five of cups and I'm using my Rider Waite as my bench mark, then we see a figure looking at three cups turned over and focusing on that loss instead of seeing the two still standing behind him. I think one, could interpret this card in this position to mean that what is immediately found behind the door is a change in circumstances. Now this change may initially bring sadness or even regret but what is left is a new opportunity. Remember that the cups suit represents emotions, so it illustrates how you may feel about a necessary change but don't forget there are still two cups standing offering another chance.

  8. Thank you! That helps. My question was in regards to a new relationship and I thought that it meant as soon as it begins it will mean loss or regret. I wasn't certain if the loss/regret would be mine or the other person involved. I'll try to contemplate on that more.


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