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Friday, August 19, 2011

One Card One Meaning: The Empress

For this series -- "One Card One Meaning" -- I will pull one card from a deck and offer a brief, simple *possible* interpretation -- not the ONLY interpretation, of course, but one possible interpretation of that card from that deck. I hope you will offer your thoughts on each card as well!

From The Fairytale Tarot by Lisa Hunt (Llewellyn Publications):

In this charming deck, The Empress is represented by The Fairy Godmother. For those who know the story of Cinderella, the connection is clear: The Fairy Godmother is the nurturer, the one who encourages and supports, who helps everything and everyone grow into what they are meant to be. Nurturing and nurturers can take many forms, whether we are talking about being nurtured (by someone else or ourself) or providing nurture.


  1. Hi Zanna,
    I also see the idea of abundance: the Fairy Godmother creates plenty, the riches of the earth. She also uses everything at her disposal - very Eco-friendly :D

  2. Ah yes, Chloë, abundance is the perfect word to describe the nature of the Fairy Godmother/Empress card. Thanks for stopping by!


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