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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Expanded Spirit Guide Reading - Oracle of the Dragonfae (by Zanna)

As I mentioned before, I was really intrigued with Helen's One Card Spirit Guide Reading. I also enjoyed her Spirit Guide Reading and Discussion Expanded to 3 Cards.  I decided to follow my One Card Spirit Guide Reading with an additional two cards to address the questions: why do I need to know this, and how do I go about putting this message into action in my life?

Using Oracle of the Dragonfae, the reading now looks like this:

(1) If my guide could only tell me one thing, what would it be?
"You are stronger than you think." (Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet)

(2) Why do I need to know this?
Divine Union (Gaia's Dragon)

Because you need to understand that you do have the power to balance celestial and terrestrial, feminine and masculine, or any pair of opposing or different energies within you or outside you. You have the ability to bring forth ideas, nurture them, and create something meaningful from them.

"[Gaia] is the cycles of the planet, [Dragon] is the seasons of the Universe. Together, they create a new world and a new life: and bring about hope. Their love for each other is steady, constant, with harmonious and different energies blending beautifully together." ~ Lucy Cavendish

(3) How do I go about putting this message into action in my life?
"Heed wise counsel." (The Elder)

By listening carefully and heeding wise counsel, whether it be from within or without. The Elder in this case is not soft and sweet. This Elder is stern and serious and impatient with you. It is time for you to teach what you have learned, even as you continue to learn yourself. Do not abandon your task before it is completed. Do not feel threatened by other approaches. Treat elders with respect.

"Have the courage to live from the wisdom you have gained, rather than the fear which ensures you overlook all that which you have learned. . . Take any 'Why are they picking on me?' moments to mean that in fact you are not clearly acting on your true path, and be practical about all steps. So, if you wish to write, do so. Listen to your muse and be creative. . . Be proactive and do not rely on the powers that be. Rely on yourself." ~ Lucy Cavendish

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish
Blue Angel Gallery

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