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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Court Case Follow-Up

This post is a follow-up to two readings I did on this blog, one on November 8 and one on December 2, concerning a court case. Here are links to those readings:

Court Case / Lawsuit Reading

Court Case - A Lenormand Perspective

Now I will give a brief summary of what happened concerning this case.

The hearing scheduled for December 19 was postponed while court representatives checked the decedent’s safe deposit box to determine if it contained a Will. It did not. The hearing was held as rescheduled on Friday, December 22. Petitioner #2 (the decedent’s son) was named Personal Representative for the Estate and the decedent’s children received the house and property on which it sits.

A couple of comments about the readings:

Indications were strong in the November reading that Petitioner #2 (KING OF SWORDS) and his lawyer (ACE OF WANDS) had a lot of power and positive energy together, whereas the lawyer (KNIGHT OF CHALICES) representing Petitioner #1 (the decedent’s estranged spouse) (FIVE OF SWORDS) did not.

The Five of Swords suggested that Petitioner #1 was battling or struggling. Her chances of winning were represented by the SEVEN OF WANDS (showing her in a defensive position), whereas the chances of winning for Petitioner #2 were represented by the SIX OF WANDS (the quintessential “Victory” card).

The Final Outcome in the reading was shown by the KNAVE OF WANDS, a card that is not only the same suit as Petitioner #2’s lawyer (ACE OF WANDS) but bears the same caduceus symbol on it as that other card.

I felt that the dominance of “active” (Fire, Air) energy in the reading suggested a quick decision from the judge, which also turned out to be accurate once the hearing was actually held.

The Lenormand reading carried a sense of delays or obstacles to a decision, and that turned out to be true, if only for a few days (Dec. 19 postponed to Dec. 22). The “loss of a job” could very well have referred to Petitioner #1, who had petitioned to be named but was NOT named personal representative.

I feel the cards in both readings gave credible insight into the energy surrounding this matter and the likelihood of a particular outcome.

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