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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Old English Tarot: Ace of Cups

In today's blog entry, Helen Howell continues her exploration of cards from the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Old English Tarot
Ace of Cups
by Helen Howell

The Old English Ace of Cups is not unlike its traditional brother the Rider Waite as they both show us a cup that is overflowing. If we remember that the Aces of the suits are just the beginning, they signify the potential of what the suit is about. Cups of course are the element Water and expressed through emotions, feelings, imagination and inspiration.

In the old English we see a cup that is full with ripe grapes, some dangle over the edge. There are also green leaves nestled in between the grapes. Green is a colour that often signifies expansion, growth, potential balance and creativity. The grapes, being fruit also symbolise for us abundance, but the pips inside which are the seeds, go on to represent new beginnings, the potential of something to become more.

When we look at this depiction then and keep in mind what the suit represents, then it gives us a message of a fullness of emotions and feelings. It indicates to us that a joyful time could be ahead, or it could simply be saying that one needs to understand the way they are feeling about something because those feelings are filling us right now. Because of the potential aspect of this card along with the colour green, it can indicate that a creative time is about to emerge that is full of potential.

All in all the Ace is a nice card to have especially from its positive point of view, as it tells us that a good time is ahead.

LWB says: Abundance, perfection, joy, fullness beauty, favourable outlook.
Reversed: Change, instability, unrequited love

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