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Friday, February 8, 2013

5 of Wands = 5 Creative Projects?

In a previous post -- HERE -- I drew the Five of Wands from the Bruegel Tarot by Guido Zibordi Marchesi (Lo Scarabeo) in the position "Important but not urgent. Can be set aside for now, but don't forget."

The keyword provided in the Little White Book for the Bruegel deck is "Ambition." The accompanying proverb from the LWB is: "Those who rise too high often fall. (It's easier for those who rise too much to fall.)"

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Five of Wands can refer to internal conflicts that need to be acknowledged and addressed to restore peace and calm to my life. In a Comment on the post, Helen Howell wrote: "I wonder if your 5 Wands card is more about translating your ideas into a reality, perhaps it indicates keeping your ideas real so that they can be manifested rather than end up a disappointment to you."

I started thinking about the fact that I have several creative projects in process in my life, each of which has sprung up from my own ideas, and all of which are at some stage of becoming a reality. When I took a moment to count, I realized I actually have FIVE of these projects going on at the moment: (1) a new book coming out this month to promote; (2) a book under consideration by a publisher which needs a little work; (3) my jewelry making business (I just made a list of at least five themes for which I want to create pieces); (4) this Tarot blog; and (5) a book for children that I plan to self-publish (I'm currently working with an illustrator).

So I am wondering, is it possible that the Five of Wands in this situation is simply a caution to me not to let these projects clash or compete for my time and energy to the point that I am exhausted. Creativity can be difficult to maintain at a high level. At the moment my health is kind of "iffy" (in a minor way) -- congestion, cough, aches, fatigue. Could it be that constantly pushing myself in all five areas mentioned above is taking a toll? Am I trying to do too much (due to ambition, drive, or whatever)?

I do try to balance my time and energy among my pursuits, while also paying attention to family matters, friends, and daily activities. Perhaps the Five of Wands is raising my awareness about the need to step back out of the fray once in awhile to a place of silence and rest.


  1. I think that makes perfect sense of the card for you. ^)^

    1. It's funny how sometimes things just hit you, isn't it? Anyway, your comment is what caused me to give this further thought, so thank you!


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