Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Can I Help?

My sister is going through a difficult time right now, so I thought I would ask the cards what I can do to help her. I am also wondering what the cards can tell me about the situation itself. Using a spread I created, I drew five cards as follows:


(1) Energy currently surrounding the situation
(2) Something I can do to help
(3) Something I should avoid doing
(4) Something special I can offer as her sister
(5) Outlook

For this reading I am using Tarot of the Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford (AGMuller). Here are the cards that came forward:

Tarot of the Old Path

(1) Energy currently surrounding the situation
Without going into detail, the cards clearly recognize that the energy surrounding this situation is largely that of an individual who is involved. This is a mature man born under the sign Scorpio -- actually, in the Libra-Scorpio cusp. In the Golden Dawn system, the King of Cups rules from 20 degrees Libra to 20 degrees Scorpio. My eyebrows really went up when I saw the level of accuracy demonstrated by the cards in this case. Out of all the cards, a court card appears. And out of all the court cards, it's the one that exactly matches this person's natal chart.

(2) Something I can do to help
THE FOOL, reversed
My initial reaction to this card in this position is that I can help my sister by not reacting thoughtlessly. This is not the time to step forth into unknown territory without careful consideration. I should not shoot from the hip or blurt things out. If I advise her, I need to make sure my evaluations are sound and sensible, not off the top of my head. It is interesting that the Golden Dawn associates The Fool with the planet Uranus, which rules my sister's Sun sign, Aquarius. It may be that I can also help her by not letting her be overly analytical or fearful of taking the next step(s) in this situation.

(3) Something I should avoid doing
I feel that I need to avoid getting caught up in my sister's confusion or alienation from this other person. She is hurting, and for good reason, but I need to remain on an even keel and not internalize her distress.

(4) Something special I can offer as her sister
As her sister, I can help lift her out of her disappointment, weariness, or resentment so that these conditions do not overwhelm her or control her life at this time. I can help make sure she does not sink into apathy or depression.

(5) Outlook
I like youthful nature of this card, which suggests a flexibility and willingness to adjust and adapt, to learn new ways of thinking and communicating. If the people involved in this situation can do this, good things are likely to happen. However, this Page of Swords does look a bit distrustful, as if he suspects someone or something might do him harm. Even if the most injurious elements of this situation are overcome, there may still be a residue of uncertainty or wariness among those involved. Things will probably never be the same as they were.

Visually, this reading is blue at the top and bottom and largely yellow in the middle. All of the cards are either Water or Air. As I mentioned before, emotion and intellect, heart and mind, feelings and thoughts, are at the center of this situation. Those are the areas where healing and change are needed.


  1. Just another thought, for the To Avoid position 3 of swords, what also comes to mind for me is being mindful of temptation to try to make someone feel better by being a bit dismissive of their pain, the whole 'it will be ok' type of gesture when sometimes what someone needs more is acknowledgement that they are having a hard time, someone to just listen without necessarily offering advice or that kind of reassurance?

    One of the trickier things in reading for me is confidence in recognizing when a card really is, in fact, referring to a specific person, the way you did with that first position.

  2. Hi Bonkers! Wow, thank you for that interpretation. I really had not thought of the 3 of Swords Rx that way, but I will from now on. I know what you mean about court cards. In this case, it was like a slap upside the head for me, and I knew why that card appeared. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really liked this spread Zanna I think it to be a most constructive one. I think that both yours and Bonkers interpretations of the three of Swords are excellent, the swords being mental activity and so your approach of not to get yourself caught up in your sisters way of thinking is a wise one, but also Bonkers idea that one must not be dismissive of how the other is feeling is good too.

    I would have liked to be able to have seen the image more clearly, because so much can be gained from the symbolism of the card. I just looked it up and it does in its reversed position seem less tense, the figure in the foreground looks more like she is thinking rather than sorrowful - I think it does indicate that your position of what should be avoided, that one should be mindful of her situation without becoming a too bigger presence in it. I think this fits perfectly with your own interpretation Zanna.

    The figures definitely in the background show one person, down and the other just looking, so there is the alination you speak of, while the third person has her back to it in order not to be influenced by the scene but rather think it through. This card seems to me to be saying avoid getting too close so that you cannot think clearly about it.

    Just my two pennith worth.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Helen! I especially like what you said about the other figures on the 3 of Swords. I'm glad you were able to find a clearer image of the card.


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