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Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Card One Meaning: The (Pole) Star

Thanks to Helen (my favorite "idea lady"), I am going to do a new series for this blog (hopefully on a somewhat regular basis). The series is called "One Card One Meaning." I will pull one card from a deck and offer a brief, simple *possible* interpretation -- not the ONLY interpretation, of course, but one possible interpretation of that card from that deck.

I hope you will offer your thoughts on each card as well! Here goes...

The Wildwood Tarot wanted very much to do this first One Card One Meaning post, so I shuffled the cards and drew...

THE POLE STAR (Trump 17)
One Meaning: The glorious display we see in the heavens above is no more brilliant, no more amazing than the power that glows within us.

The Wildwood Tarot
By Mark Ryan and John Matthews
With card illustrations by Will Worthington
Published by Sterling Ethos (an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.) 
ISBN 978-1-4027-8106-3


  1. Oh that's a very nice interpretation. I like it!

  2. Ooh, this looks fun! How about "Allow yourself to be drawn towards your highest good today"?

  3. I love that, Chloe! Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. I admit to knowing little about Tarot Cards, but I wholly concur with the sentiment expressed!

    And thanks for stopping by, Helen...glad you enjoyed the read...:)

  5. Hi Lynette - this is the Tarot blog I co-author you wanted my writing one http://helen-scribbles.com
    - the address was on my profile.

    I'm glad you liked the tarot post, but it was not done by me but by Zanna. There is a lot of wisdom in tarot cards ^__^


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