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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Do I Want? (by Zanna)

Living Tarot (Ferol Humphrey, Director) recently posted a reading on Facebook using a 2-card spread that I just *had* to try. With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready to move across the country, not to mention the fact that I have many fingers in many pies, I thought maybe it would help me center myself to draw two cards asking (1) What do I want? and (2) How do I get it?

For this reading I was drawn to the Tarot of the Era of Aquarius (Designer, Artist: Marina Bolgarchuk. Country of Publication: Russia). The scenes and characters on these cards carry a distinctly "fantasy" feeling to them (as opposed to a "Russian Culture and Civilization" feeling).

While shuffling the cards, I meditated on the two questions. The following cards came forward:

(1) What do I want?
I tend to view Queens as being related to the element Water, and the suit of Swords as being associated with the element Air. What I want could be described as "Water of Air" -- a balanced blend of emotion and intellect, feelings and reason, heart and mind. The Queen of Swords has a discriminating mind, which I certainly desire, but she also can be seen as critical, particularly of herself. I really do want to be discerning and discriminating, yet I want to avoid using my Sword (criticism) as a weapon, especially against myself! Instead, I desire to use my Sword as a tool that separates fact from fiction, illusion from reality, and truth from falsehood. I also see this Water/Air blend as involving a balance between emotional detachment and emotional involvement.

(2) How do I get it?
The woman on this card strikes me as being not only old, but wise. She gives an impression of "the past" or "days gone by." She also looks a bit sad and a bit reserved, focused inward. With Cups representing emotions and the subconscious, I get the sense that the way in which I deal with my past internally will have a significant impact on my ability to get what I want. The past is the foundation on which we build our present and future. It cannot be ignored. It must be respected. But how much influence should it have? If I want to move forward and obtain what I want, I cannot dwell in the past or assign an importance to it that goes beyond what it deserves. I must not idealize or romanticize aspects of my past that I consider "positive", nor should I shrink from or overemphasize elements of my past that I consider "negative." The amount of power I give to my past is up to me. I need to reach a place of stability and harmony, as indicated by the number Six. I need to use my past to fuel my efforts in the present, to create my desired future. I need to emerge from my past and spend less time there than I currently spend.

Food for thought!



  1. This is a neat little spread. I liked the cards you drew and your interpretations - I could almost relate that reading to myself!

  2. The Tarot really does impart fundamentally sound advice and insight that could apply to many of us at various stages in our lives. That's why I find the cards so useful!


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