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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Journey through My Decks: 7 of Cups (by Zanna)

In this series of posts, I plan to discuss all of the Tarot cards in order, using a different deck for each card. Today I'm exploring the SEVEN OF CUPS from The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti (Llewellyn Worldwide).

"Cups filled with intriguing images hover
over the water. They have risen out of the
subconsciousness. You are faced with
many choices, opportunities, and dreams."
~ Barbara Moore ~

In the companion book for this deck, Barbara Moore tells us that in The Gilded Tarot, the suit of Cups is associated with the element Water, representing emotions, relationships, and creativity. She writes that Sevens commonly represent reflection, assessment, and motives.

The Seven of Cups offers high potential for inspiration but also for distraction. It may be appropriate to reflect on a situation and assess various options. However, we must be careful not to let this activity divert us from pursuing our chosen path or true course. We need to make a choice from the options presented and follow through. Otherwise all the lovely options remain mere "castles in the air" – possibility rather than reality.

Book T calls the Seven of Cups "Illusionary Success" and associates it with the placement of Venus in Scorpio. When we are completely taken in by enticing distractions, we may fall under the illusion that we are successful. We need to be aware of the potential for deception and error.

Barbara Moore does not discuss the specific contents of the cups on this card. What I see are symbols that relate to Air, Fire, and Earth. Water, of course, is represented by the body of water that covers the bottom half of the card. A quick glance at The Dictionary of Symbols by Jack Tresidder (Chronicle Books LLC) provides a few more ideas:
  • Candle flame: spiritual illumination
  • Fire: divine energy, revelation, sexual passion
  • Stars: supremacy, constancy, guidance, aspiration
  • Rainbow: optimism, bridge between supernatural and natural worlds
  • Bubbles: evanescence (especially of earthly life)
  • Dove: peace, love, hope
  • Ivy: immortality, tenacity of life and of desire

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