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Saturday, January 16, 2010


A belated "Happy New Year" to all!

My first oracle deck for the year is the Psycards deck by Nick Hobson. In the book that accompanies the deck, Hobson tells us that "Psycards' main function is to enhance self-awareness, to make people see what is inside themselves. Only by understanding ourselves can we see and shape our futures."

Like the Tarot, Psycards work through the power of symbols. The cards are grouped into five categories: Direction cards, Fundamentals, Symbols, Archetypes, Characters, and Happenings.

Today I am focusing on card number 34: THE MESSAGE. According to the accompanying book, this card indicates that "Someone is calling from somewhere. If you can see, if you can hear." THE MESSAGE is the first of the seven Psycard "happenings." These represent major psychic events.

On this card, we see a net containing a fisherman's "haul." Note the bottle with a message inside. What could that message be?

If we view the ocean as a symbol of the unconscious, the message in the bottle could well be from our inner depths. Hobson comments that according to psychologists, we "build defenses against anything that disturbs the model we have made of the world" or threatens to upset the status quo. Dreams, symbols, rituals, and art (to name a few) can get through our defenses if we are open to receiving their message.

The fish in the net reminds me of the zodiac sign Pisces, the sign most commonly associated with dreams and the subconscious or unconscious mind.

The card seems to encourage us to dip a "net" into our subconscious and see what we bring up.

I look forward to your comments!


In addition to my 60 Tarot decks, I own a great many oracle decks. I love these decks, but don't use them as often as I would like. Every now and then, I am going to share a card from one of these oracle decks here on the blog. I hope people will enjoy seeing cards from various decks and will gain something from the interpretations of the cards!

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