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Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year's Resolutions with the Oracle of Visions

For this spread, I am using the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) Click HERE to visit Ciro's web site.

Do this more: Goals, Dedication, Process (card 8)

On this card we have a very serious looking alchemist, an appropriate symbol of someone who is “striving to achieve an end goal through study, experimentation, dedication and perseverance.” (Marchetti) I need to be even more dedicated than I already am to the things I want to accomplish, my passions, and my goals.
Do this less: Obsession, Delusion, Self-Interest (card 43)

That makes sense. I wouldn’t say I am really “obsessed” with anything, but I do tend to have a more narrow view than I could, thereby “deluding” myself about some things. When you think about it, being over “self-conscious” is very closely related to being “self-interested.”
Give this freely: Assistance, Help, Support (card 49)

I really love Marchetti’s final comment on this card: “The challenge now is to achieve a balance, to offer help but not reliance.” In other words, figure out ways to support and help someone without causing them to rely on me for “everything.” Perhaps some people thrive on feeling that they are indispensable to someone else, but that’s not for me!

Receive this gladly: Healing, Caring, Friendships (card 47)

On the surface, it seems unlikely that anyone would NOT gladly receive “healing, caring, friendships.” Yet we (or at least I) do resist receiving those gifts at times, either because we want to feel independent and self-sufficient, or we don’t feel we deserve those things, or whatever. Sometimes we need to make a conscious effort to notice and accept what is being offered.

Defend this: Flights of Fancy, Leap of Faith, Taking a Next Step (card 5)

Yes, I will defend attempts I make to step outside the box or take a next step that may seem risky or out of the ordinary. As the guidebook for this deck suggests, however, I can first assess the scenario, the dangers, and prepare. I don’t have to be foolish or careless.

Banish this: Letting Go, Offering a Way Out (card 24)

This is a difficult card to interpret in the position “Banish this.” Is it possible that I need to NOT let something go or NOT offer a way out? I will have to give this some thought.

Be this: Wonder of Creation, Protection, Destiny (card 12)

This card shows a guardian angel witnessing the birth of “the one whose life he will oversee.” Am I to be a guardian angel? Or am I to be the one whose life the guardian angel oversees? Once again, Marchetti’s comment at the end of this card’s description resonates with me: “A grand part of how this life will be lived, and what it will achieve will not be pre-determined by fate alone, but by free will and choice.” Perhaps I need to BE someone who understands and acknowledges the roles played by fate, destiny, AND free will/choice.


  1. These are beautiful cards, I have them too, but haven't used them as much as I would like yet. I love your reading!:)


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