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Monday, May 1, 2017

Relationship Potential: Lenormand Five Card Line

I am really enjoying browsing and reading information about the Lenormand over at http://www.annak-tarot.at . Anna K is bringing out her own Lenormand deck this summer (can’t wait!), but in the meantime, I decided to use a method she shares on her web site with one of the decks currently living with me.

I am using Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle (Lenormand style cards) for this reading. To read my review of this deck, click HERE.

I have a relationship in mind that I am interested in exploring, so my question is: “What is the potential future development of this relationship?"

A bit of background: These two people are in their 30s. They have been living together for a couple of years. He has expressed interest in getting married, but she is not sure that is what she wants. She has been married before; he has not.

Using a total of five cards, I am combining each card with its neighbor to the right and interpreting the last card individually, too, as a Peak. Lastly, I am discussing the center card as a potential Pivotal.

The Cards:
The House/4…..The Woman/29…..The Bouquet/9…..The Clover/2…..The Tree/5

Stage 1 (House + Woman):
Security, family, and home are keywords for The House. The Woman typically represents a woman or feminine energy. This combination gives me a feeling that the woman in this relationship has been the primary contributor to a sense of “security, family, and home.” It is possible that the man’s “feminine side” also is involved in creating this homey atmosphere they share.

Stage 2 (Woman + Bouquet):
The Bouquet suggests gifts, affection, and encouragement. Here again, it seems that the woman in the relationship offers (or feels that she offers) most of the affection and encouragement, or works hardest at bringing those things to the relationship. The man’s “feminine side” may also be involved, as with House + Woman, but I just get the feeling that the woman sees herself as the primary source for these things in the relationship.

Stage 3 (Bouquet + Clover):
The Clover can represent new beginnings, luck, or opportunities. In “stage 3” of the future development of this relationship, it looks like perhaps the provision of gifts, affection, and encouragement could be more equally distributed between the man and woman. Or, at the very least, the man is likely to have an opportunity to contribute more in that area.

Stage 4 (Clover + Tree):
The new beginning, luck, and opportunity of The Clover can contribute to the health, growth, and progress represented by The Tree. One leads to or naturally evolves into the other.

The Peak: The Tree
Certainly the qualities represented by The Tree are desirable in any relationship, and this card as “The Peak” tells us health, growth, and progress are indeed possible for this relationship in the future.

The Pivotal: The Bouquet
As the Pivotal, I see The Bouquet as reinforcing the message that if the provision of “gifts, affection, and encouragement” can be more evenly distributed between the couple, that will make all the difference in the outcome.

When I look at this line of cards, The Woman stands out, positioned between The House and The Bouquet. She seems to be (or at least feel) responsible for creating/maintaining the home and for giving affection and encouragement – and frankly, she doesn’t look happy about it. Perhaps one of the reasons she is not as keen on marriage as he is, is that she currently feels her partner does not “pull his weight” in areas that are important to her. She wants a more equal distribution and to be on the receiving end of some of the gifts she has been giving before she commits to a second marriage.


  1. Nice reading, the only bit I would add if I may is to the Peak - Tree it also shows that putting down good strong roots in this relationship is possible too - in short it could develop into a stable and strong partnership. Loved the reading nice observations made. ^_^

    1. Oh, I really like that, Helen! I think you're quite right. Thanks for taking a look!


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