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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Will They Win the Game?

UPDATE: My reading and interpretation for the College Football Playoff Championship game (below) turned out to be quite accurate. Clemson beat Alabama 35-31.

My question: How likely is it that Clemson will win the College Football Playoff Championship game against Alabama tomorrow night? 


It is often said that the cards reflect the fears and hopes of the Seeker, which is why we need to bwe careful about predicting the future or trying to tell the Seeker what someone else is thinking, feeling, or doing. In this case, the 3 of Swords most certainly reflected fears that Clemson would suffer a devastating disappointment. The Wheel of Fortune and The World, however, reflected confidence and hope that this would indeed be their moment in the sun, that they would achieve the peak, reaching the "top of the world."

So how did the cards so accurately hone in on the ultimate reality of the game? You'll have to decide that for yourself.


Game Time!

I apologize in advance to those who feel that using the Tarot for such insignificant things as football games is a travesty. I mean no disrespect.

First some background information:
Before the ACC championship game between Clemson University and Ohio State University I did a 3-card reading for each team, asking simply: “What can you tell me about the team’s performance in this game?”
I used The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans (HarperElixir).
Clemson received the Tower, 10 of Wands, and Chariot. I interpreted this as an unexpected situation that would come as a shock and turn things upside down; the experience of carrying and/or overcoming a burden; and control of their own destiny.

Ohio State received the 10 of Wands, 7 of Swords, and Daughter of Cups. This looked to me like (again) the experience of carrying and/or overcoming a burden; a deception or perhaps feelings of being “robbed”; and a highly emotional state.

Now, the 10 of Wands appearing for both schools made a lot of sense. Both bore the “burden” of proving themselves to be good enough to win the championship.
The idea of being in control of their own destiny definitely applied to the Clemson team’s attitude and perspective.
As it turned out, even though Ohio State was expected to win the game, Clemson not only won, they kept Ohio State from scoring any points at all. That had not happened since 2010, and Ohio State’s coach had never had a team go scoreless in his entire college football coaching career. Sounds like a Tower experience to me!
Throughout the game, the announcers kept referring to the Clemson quarterback’s “misdirection plays” (7 of Swords) that were causing a lot of problems for Ohio State.
And finally, the Ohio State coach did indeed become very emotional as Clemson’s score kept going up and Ohio State remained at zero (Daughter of Cups).

All this is to set the stage for today’s 3-card draw which is designed to answer the question: How likely is it that Clemson will win the College Football Playoff Championship game against Alabama tomorrow night? The answer comes from The Wild Unknown Tarot:


Okay, in the system I use for determining the likelihood of something occurring, Major Arcana cards suggest a strong “YES” answer. The suit of Swords, being an active suit, also suggests the possibility of a “yes” answer.

By itself, the 3 of Swords usually indicates heartbreak, turmoil, emotional entanglement. That could apply to whichever team loses.

The World is a card of wholeness, completion, and contentment. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of destiny and/or change of course, a major turning point. It is easy to apply both of these to the Clemson team. They lost the championship matchup against Alabama last year; a win this year would be the season’s crowning touch for the team, players, coaches, and college. The Wheel of Fortune could be saying that now is their time, their moment, to rise to the top.

Even though the college football experts are predicting a win for Alabama, I’m not so sure. The cards seem to suggest that Clemson has a very strong chance at a victory. I do wonder if that 3 of Swords is a warning, however…

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