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Thursday, March 10, 2016

House Closing Update

Yes, friends, it’s time for our bi-weekly (or whatever) peek into the (apparently remote) possibility that we will actually close on Mom’s house sale in the foreseeable (ha!) future.

Last time I checked (click HERE to read that installment), the cards were still hedging their bets, giving me two No’s and one Yes on the possibility of closing by the end of February. It would have been a nice gift for Mom, as she turned 94 on February 28, but it was simply not to be.

Let’s see what the Celtic Lenormand by Chloë McCracken, with artwork by Will Worthington (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) has to say in answer to the question: Will the closing on Mom’s house take place by the end of March 2016?

Birds (Owls) / 12: 7 of Diamonds, Red = Yes
Conversation, verbal communication, perspective, negotiations, phone call… All of these are taking place constantly with regard to this situation. Of course there is also the “wisdom” aspect of owls, and I suppose some of the delay is caused by the lender’s determination to be “wise” about this loan request. The acquisition of wisdom takes time.

Woman / 29: Ace of Spades, Black = No
There are quite a few women involved in this situation – my mother, the buyer, the realtor, the loan officer. One or more of these women could be at the “center” of the situation, as this card sits between the other two in the reading. This woman is viewed as hardworking, practical, womanly, and caring.

Female Rider / 1: 9 of Hearts, Red = Yes
The female rider conveys news, messages, and information. She travels far and wide, never staying very long in one place – hence we get an indication of “soon, quickly”. If only.

So we have the gathering of wisdom and communication back and forth involving a hardworking, practical, caring woman, all directed toward a destination we may reach "soon."

Once again the cards are not inclined to give a definitive, 100% “yes” or “no” answer. I get a sense of people taking their time to come to the “best” decision about this loan, along with a sense of urgency from the Female Rider. Will one type of energy take over, or will they come to a “draw” yet again?


  1. My cards disagree with you a bit in that I got all red so a definite yes from my cards - Dog +Rider +Tree
    The Rider sits between the Dog and Tree but is galloping towards the Tree. The Tree could represent in this case heritage and the Dog someone reliable enough to getting the job done. The Dog looks towards the Rider as though sending him on his way to complete that heritage - the sale of the house.

    1. Oh hoorah! Maybe it really will happen this month! How fun that we both got a Rider card.

  2. Sounds like a really frustrating situation! Perhaps you could help the lender trust their intuition by some information you could provide? Hope things do resolve quickly :)

    1. I don't know what that would be... but we are all ready for it to be over!


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