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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gateway Spirit Guides Reading

I believe that we have many different animal spirit guides in our lifetime. When I do Animal Guides readings for clients, I share my findings concerning lifetime guides as well as guides for a particular year or month. To order an Animal Guides reading, just go to my web site at http://zannastarr.weebly.com/ .

In this post, I am using the Gateway Spirit Guides Spread provided in the guidebook that accompanies  the Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle deck by Stacy James and Jada Fire (U.S. Games, Inc.) To read my review of this deck, click HERE.

For this spread, two cards are selected to represent my life protectors and Animal Spirit Guides who walk beside me, offering protection, guidance and love. I will bring into my reading the ideas shared by the creators of the Ancient Animal Wisdom deck concerning the animals who come forward for me.

My animals are:

Ancient Animal Wisdom deck (U.S. Games)
Keyphrase: Healing Waters
Number 3: Creativity, Mind/Body/Spirit, Divinity

The Hippopotamus loves water, spending much of its time submerged in rivers. Immersing oneself in water often symbolizes washing away that which is unhelpful or negative, clearing the mind and spirit to receive what they need to thrive. Personally, I love being in the water, swimming, diving, floating – literally and figuratively. I am pleased to have the Hippo as my companion.

photo by Zanna Starr

Ancient Animal Wisdom deck (U.S. Games)
LION (card 8)
Keyword: Family
Number 8: Balance, Infinity, Material Satisfaction

Unlike many big cats, lions are not solitary but travel in “prides” or families. This card is a timely reminder to me to value and accept family members, while at the same time retaining my individuality and avoiding any tendencies toward codependency. The “material satisfaction” aspect of this card is also appropriate, I think. I am not (I hope) greedy, but I do desire a certain level of security and stability in the material realm.

photo by Zanna Starr

It is interesting to me that both of these animals can be quite ferocious and aggressive when defending their territory or offspring. They are not passive, easygoing creatures – although they sometimes appear that way on the surface. They are always ready to act and react as needed for self-preservation. It may be that I need to cultivate some of this “fierceness” in my life.


  1. I found this interesting. Thank for sharing Zanna! ^_^

    1. Glad you liked it, Helen. Thanks for stopping by!


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