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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week at a Glance: King of Wands, Rx

The purpose of drawing a "Week at a Glance" card is to get a sense of the sort of energy, circumstances, or personal qualities I might need to be aware of during the upcoming week.

For the week of March 17, 2013 I am using the Dragons Tarot by Manfredi Toraldo, with artwork by Severino Baraldi (Lo Scarabeo).

My card is the KING OF WANDS, reversed.

In this deck, the King of Wands is "a great Masai chief of the past, unknown but powerful...a chief between legend and reality." The card is said to represent "fulfilled commitment."

But note that it was drawn reversed. To me, this usually suggests delays or obstacles that block the energy represented by the upright card. Frankly, I'm getting a little annoyed by the predominance of reversed cards in my Week at a Glance. When do I get a week that's all sunshine and flowers?

Oh well. It looks like I'm going to experience some turbulence again this week with the reversed King of Wands. First of all, Kings represent authority, command, control, and that sort of thing. There may be something taking place this week that I cannot control, over which I do not have authority or command. The suit of Wands, to me, represents will, action, creativity, and career matters (among other things). So perhaps the delay/obstacle relates to that area of life.

With Court Cards, I often like to consult _Kate Warwick-Smith_ and her archetypal patterns. Here's what she has for the King of Wands:
  • Supporter: Spiritual Elder
  • Detractor: Zealot
  • Resource: Spiritual Vision
  • Challenge: Illusion

At the risk of oversimplifying, I am thinking the reversed position of my King of Wands suggests that I look closely at the "Detractor" and "Challenge" aspects of the card. Warwick-Smith writes: "Wand detractors create illusion and demonstrate how our ego can manipulate our sense of reality."

Taken all together, the vibes I get from the King of Wands, reversed, give me a sense of delayed or blocked achievement and control, along with possible delayed or blocked career advancement. I feel that I need to take this into account, but not let it deter me from pursuing my goals. I just may have to deal with some roadblocks or resistance along the way. And perhaps I will benefit from the reminder that I am not (and cannot be) in control at all times.


  1. Just another thought on this reversed card, The King upright as you say, embodies the energy of imagination, creativity and ideas, but he also has the maturity to work out how best to express these qualities, I wonder if reversed may be telling you to guard agains any impulsive actions, or perhaps allowing impatience to make you rush forward with something that you would have normally given due consideration to?

  2. I like that, Helen, and I can certainly see where it might apply here. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well, if you don't like reversed cards coming up all the time, you could always choose not to read with reversals for a bit ;) Seriously, though, I see this reversed card as having a focus on the past instead of the future, which might be what causes the blockage...
    Best wishes, Chloƫ

    1. Oh, interesting, Chloe! I like that idea (focus on the past causing blockage). I go back and forth with reversals. Maybe it is time for me to stop using them for awhile. :)


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