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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In the Stars

I use astrology mostly for birth charts, not for everyday predictions or guidance. However, I think that probably needs to change. So from time to time I'm going to ask the cards for assistance in dealing with a particular transit that seems especially interesting or challenging to me.

Chart courtesy of Astrodienst
On February 3, Transiting Mercury in Aquarius will form a square with my Natal Moon in Taurus.

Here is a quick, abbreviated astrology primer/refresher, for those who need it:
  • Mercury is the planet of the mind, communication, and short trips
  • The Moon represents our emotions and subconscious.
  • The Square aspect occurs when two planets or luminaries are at a 90 degree angle to each other. This is considered a difficult aspect. I usually remember that by thinking of the expression "square off against."
So basically, as Mercury moves through the sky on February 3, it will form a challenging aspect with the Moon's position in my birth chart. Think of it as Mercury (the mind) and the Moon (the heart) having a bit of an argument. They are not inclined to be supportive of each other at this time. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, so it's not going to stay mad at my natal Moon for very long (the exact square will last only about a day, although I may also experience some of its effects the day before and/or after). During that time, I may need to deal with emotional issues related to the areas ruled by Mercury.

I asked my Tarot of the Animal Lords, "What will help me deal successfully with this Mercury-Moon square?"

I laughed out loud when the cards provided their answer: THE HERMIT.

That's it! Hole up in a cave and don't come out until the transit is over! Not practical? Okay, let me think. . .

First of all, The Hermit is associated in the Golden Dawn system with the zodiac sign Virgo, ruled by Mercury. I have Virgo rising in my birth chart, so Mercury plays a powerful role for me every day. Virgo is a sensitive, critical sign. It's easy to see how the Virgo part of my personality might get into a tangle during a Mercury-Moon square.

Second, as a Major Arcana card, The Hermit suggests that there is a larger lesson I need to learn, not just for use during the Mercury-Moon square. This idea is reinforced if I use the system developed by David Thornton, in which The Hermit is linked to the planet Saturn, planet of lessons and limitations.

In Tarot of the Animal Lords, The Hermit is a black bear. As in more traditional decks, this card represents the importance of solitude and spiritual searching in the quest for wisdom.

What I see in this card is that I can deal successfully with the Mercury-Moon square by allowing time for solitude and meditation (a mini-hibernation, if you will), and by keeping any tendencies toward hypersensitivity and criticism (or hypersensitivity *to* criticism) under control. I need to be aware that what I write or say may not come from my rational side. My thinking will be strongly influenced by my feelings, possibly even arising from my feelings about the past. Avoiding emotional "knee jerk reactions" is an especially good idea at this time.

by Angelo Giannini
Lo Scarabeo


  1. interesting. perhaps i should think about merging my [much less knowledgeable than you!] interest in astrology with some card reading myself...

  2. Hi Bonkers! I love using astrological associations in my readings, but I haven't done much yet with "cards and charts." Once you decide which set of associations you want to use, you can actually create your birth chard "in Tarot cards."

  3. great way of combining tarot with astrology, Zanna. you know it works when the cards make you laugh by holding up a mirror and showing you what you already know deep down :)

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I love the "inside jokes" I hear from the cards.

  5. You and I have same Rising sign and same Moon Sign as well, Mercury was exactly at 90 degrees with my Moon yesterday and I was so depressed I tell you, I had to call up all my friends just to talk to them. I was so down. I did feel the stress created by this battle between my emotions and my reasons, but I managed. keep a few friends handy though :)

    Thanks God its over now :)

  6. Oh, my Goddess! I stand corrected: THIS is your best post to date!! I have been a practicing Western Astrologer for several years, and I never thought to combine the two. Beyond brilliant, Zanna. Thank you.

  7. that sounds like a fascinating thing to try to do indeed Zanna!

  8. Thank you for the advice, Identity_Concealed. I seem to be doing okay today, although I feel I narrowly avoided a blow-up that could easily have been attributed to the influence of this aspect. I closed my mouth just in time. LOL

    Robert -- thank you for your kind words! Every now and then, lights come on, don't they?

    I will do my best to post something like that, Bonkers.

  9. I do not follow my aspects very closely, please do post if you have something to do with Moon, or in houses, since we share same Asc and same Moon position :) It will be helpful for me as well :)


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