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Order a Reading from Me

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Reading with My Earth Magic Oracle Cards

I decided to take my new Earth Magic Oracle cards* for a test run using a 3-card spread I just created. This spread (which is based on the standard Past-Present-Future spread) could also be used in a broader sense, not just for "one day." The positions are:

(1) A Blast from the Past (something from the past that may influence this day)
(2) A Pressie for the Present (a gift this day will bring me)
(3) The Long View (the nature of obstacles or opportunities that may arise later in the day)

I'm not an early riser, so it works better for me to do Daily Card readings the night before the day in question. So this reading refers to Tuesday, October 26.

(1) A Blast from the Past (something from the past that may influence this day)
CAVE (Sanctuary)

This is an especially interesting card to draw, given that I randomly chose this card to mention in my review of the Earth Magic Oracle!

Going strictly by my own personal impression of the card, it reminds me of all the time I spent alone in days gone by, studying or writing or creating things. I am still basically a solitary person, not anti-social but not very social either. I enjoy interacting with other people on a limited basis. Perhaps something I discovered or developed during solitary moments in my past may influence a decision I make or action I take tomorrow.

(2) A Pressie for the Present (a gift the day will bring me)
WIND (Activation)

This card reminds me of the expression "to take the wind out of one's sails" only in this case, the opposite is true. My gift for tomorrow is that the wind will be in my sails, helping me move forward and make progress toward my destination or goal.

(3) The Long View (the nature of obstacles or opportunities that may arise later in the day)
MEADOW (Vulnerability)

I think vulnerability is pretty much a constant condition (for me anyway) -- emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually (or any combination of the four). It's as if I stand in the middle of a huge meadow, open on all sides. I think that in some cases, it's good to allow ourselves to be vulnerable or open. After all, the meadow on this card looks beautiful and pleasant. However, I also think this card may be telling me to be careful that someone doesn't take advantage of or capitalize on my vulnerability in some area.

Notice that the Cave (Sanctuary) and the Meadow (Vulnerability) are opposites. The Cave offers protection and shelter. The Meadow does not. I may need (or want) to emerge from the self-imposed isolation I was so comfortable with in the past and open the door to interaction and contact with others. Perhaps the Wind will fill my sails and carry me out of my safe harbor into open waters?

I am now going to read the information on each of these cards in the guidebook to see what other possibilities there might be.

* Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. Hay House, Inc. Copyright 2010 by Steven D. Farmer. ISBN 978-1-4019-2535-2

Illustrator for CAVE : Garret Moore
Illustrator for WIND : Bill Briggs
Illustrator for MEADOW : Mike Dawson


  1. I am really glad I found this blog! I really enjoy your interpretation of these oracle cards- they are so beautiful! Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Chelsea! I'm glad you found us!

  3. Zanna, I just received these cards and am in awe of the beautiful artwork. I pulled the Wind card as my first of the deck, and while the meaning was spot-on, I am left wondering what the orange shape on the left side of the card is meant to portray. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello, empathlady! Thanks for drawing my attention back to these incredible cards. When I look at the Wind card, I see the mass of orange as a morning or evening sky, when the sun is rising or setting, filling the sky with color. It definitely represents Fire (passion, optimism, enthusiasm, action) to me. When Wind comes in contact with Fire, the flames rise higher and reach farther (unless the Wind is strong enough to put out the Fire, which I don't see happening here!) The card title "Activation" bears this out. The Wind is, in a sense "activating" the Fire further. Does that make sense?


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