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Thursday, November 26, 2009


The oracle I would like to share today is called Karma Cards. Devised by Monte Farber, the deck is described as "a New Age guide to your future through astrology."

These cards are designed to be read in threes by drawing one card from each of three piles representing Planets, Signs, and Houses. The cards have different meanings upright and reversed. If you are looking for an outcome or what kind of situation/mood/atmosphere you can expect, you read the words printed in the blue panel on each card. If you want to know what you should do in a situation or what you should keep in mind, you read the words printed in the red panel on each card. The letters S, M, and P on the right and left borders of the cards represent Spiritual, Mental, and Physical levels.

To demonstrate how this works, I pulled three cards.

In this set, the "Planet" (actually a luminary) is the Moon, the Sign is Capricorn, and the House is the 6th House -- so we have the Moon in Capricorn in the Sixth House.

Reading the red panels across, we have:
Spiritual level: Defend your goals as a full-time job.
Mental level: Accept the day-to-day reality of serving.
Physical level: Let your feelings tell you how to use the most businesslike way and do it a little at a time.

Reading the blue panels across, we have:
Spiritual level: The nurturing of dedication to achieve service to others
Mental level: Feelings caused by focusing on what is good for us
Physical level: Reactions resulting from the rules imposed by your work

Knowledge of astrology isn't really required to use these cards, but I feel they are more useful if one has a working knowledge of that field.

I enjoy using these cards, even though they can be seen as formulaic and "too structured." Sometimes, I'm in the mood for a direct, simple message -- and as an astrologer, I enjoy the associations made with the planets, signs, and houses.



In addition to my 60 Tarot decks, I own a great many oracle decks. I love these decks, but don't use them as often as I would like. Every now and then, I am going to share a card from one of these oracle decks here on the blog. I hope people will enjoy seeing cards from various decks and will gain something from the interpretations of the cards!


  1. What an interesting deck, even I might be able to use them and you know my astrology sucks!

    I am enjoying your series of Oracle cards, it is a pleasure to see these.

  2. I love this deck as well!

    I personally don't use reversals in them. That isn't too say you couldn't if you want to, but I find the message with oracle decks are usually fairly open and therefore don't need reversals. Then again I also know plenty of people who don't read reversals in tarot either.

    1. Melissa, do you read the keywords at both ends when you draw one of these cards? Or do you just read it the way it lies when you draw it? I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say you don't read reversals in this deck.

    2. Sorry about that :) meaning i read it as it is drawn,


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