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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards

Whew! I have been back home for almost a week now after a busy two-week trip to Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), and I am still going through the 1500 photographs I took, organizing and labeling them to share with friends and relatives. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting my friend and co-blogger Helen Howell, who gifted me several Tarot decks that she no longer uses. I will be sharing those on the blog soon!

Today I am introducing you to my newest oracle deck. As part of my stay in Australia, I had hoped to find a shop where I could buy an Australian animal-themed deck and sure enough, I found one in Melbourne: Spellbox in the Royal Arcade. My request for an Australian animal deck prompted the woman in charge to immediately select for me Scott Alexander King’s Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards with illustrations by Karen Branchflower (Blue Angel Publishing).

To share this deck with you, I am doing the simple Clarity Spread presented in the guidebook that accompanies the deck. The layout is a basic 1-2-3 format:


Positional definitions appear below, along with the cards that came forward for me.

me with a koala
(1) Past – opportunities my experiences are offering me to grow and prosper
The Koala card – “Inner Journeys” -- is charged with the energies of the West and the element of Water. I was not privileged to see any koalas in the wild, but the ones I did see exhibited one of two behaviors described by King in this deck’s guidebook: “awake, feeding and tending to its young” or “dozing in a foetal position, its rump securely wedged into the fork of a tree.” Koalas are said to enter an altered state of awareness after eating eucalyptus leaves (the mainstay of a koala’s diet). Representing the Past in this reading, the Koala reminds me that my situation today stems from past decisions to start my own journey on my own path instead of looking to others for confirmation. This has been (and continues to be) a healing journey. I am aware of the continued potential for growth and transformation represented by the Koala card.

(2) Present – the beauty that surrounds me at this time
This card asks me to take a look at my life and ask if a part of myself is being repressed for reasons that no longer serve me. Perhaps I am concealing a side of myself – intentionally or not. More importantly, I think, I am being asked to consider what aspects I might be attempting to hide even from myself? What facet of my life would I truly like to reveal and see honored? Can I turn a hidden “grit of sand” into a precious pearl?

(3) Future – a prospective abundant future and the energies best suited to help you realize it
This card tells me that if I contemplate and wait patiently, without consciously seeking answers, the mysteries of my life will make themselves known to me. If I am open and ready to receive illumination, it will soon come, bringing mental clarity, clear vision, enhanced intuition, and stability.


  1. "1500 photographs" Yay for digital camera's !!! And how lovely you have this beautiful deck a memory token of your journey to Australia :)

    1. I love digital cameras! I remember the "bad old days" when we took rolls and rolls of film and had to pay to develop all the photos, even the ones that were horrible. Thanks for stopping by, Ellen!

  2. Sp pleased you enjoyed your visit to my part of the world and the highlight for me was meeting you too! So glad you found the Spellbox in Melbourne - nice deck! ^_^

  3. What a lovely deck, thank you for sharing it! And lucky you, getting to meet up with Helen. I've never wanted to go to Australia (all those creepy-crawlies and snakes), but it does now appeal :)
    What a wonderful reading, too. And so cool that you got a photo of yourself with a Koala bear - squee!!
    Best, Chloƫ

    1. Hello Chloƫ! Thank you for stopping by. Well, I didn't see a single creepy crawly (except in the zoo, where I did so intentionally), but we stayed in the city and didn't venture out into "the wild." No Crocodile Dundee Outback Adventure for us! We only allowed two weeks for the trip, so we had to set strict limitations. :)


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